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Puppies require essential vitamins and nutrients in their diet to grow healthy. A lot of these essentials can be found in Salmon, especially if it’s the premium type. Salmon is full of beneficial nutrients and fats including Omega-3. This type of fatty acid is known to help maintain skin and coat health, ease irritation and sensitivities, and aid in brain development. That last one is especially needed for puppies as they are still developing bodily functions. 

If you’re still wondering if Salmon is the right protein choice for your puppy, here are its top 5 health benefits: 

Salmon is rich in vitamins

Human training puppy

Data from the USDA states that 3oz. or 85 grams of cooked Atlantic Salmon contains the following: 

– Vitamin A for aiding in eyesight development.
– Vitamin B for aiding in metabolism and releasing energy from food.
– Vitamin D for maintaining bone health and protection against diabetes.
– Vitamin K to aid blood clotting in case of injuries. 

Most puppies are highly active especially when they’re exploring or in a new environment. Therefore, it’s important to give them the right set of vitamins so that their bodies can keep up with their energetic nature. While Salmon has no approved therapeutic claims by any governing body, the nutrient-dense nature of this ingredient still makes it a great supplement for both dogs and puppies alike. 

Salmon helps in brain development


The DHA Omega-3 fatty acids found in Salmon are crucial building blocks that the brain and eyes need to grow and develop. In fact, Salmon Oil is one of the top 5 brain foods for dogs, along with Sweet Potato for its beta carotene and chlorogenic acid, Rosemary Extract for its Vitamin E content, as well as Peas and Corn for their antioxidant properties. These have been shown to improve memory and cognitive abilities, according to Dr. Samantha Ware, the lead nutritionist at Healthy cognitive development in puppies results in better trainability.  

Salmon is rich in fat-soluble vitamins needed for normal function and growth

Salmon preparation

Vitamin K is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that has 3 functions: aids in blood clotting, maintains bone and heart health, and assists energy production in cells. Aside from green leafy vegetables, Salmon is one of the best sources of this vitamin.

Salmon has anti-inflammatory properties 

Salmon for skin and coat health

The fish oil from Salmon, specifically, the EPA Omega-3, is responsible for easing skin allergies. This is done by decreasing the body’s production of cytokines, or inflammation stimulators. This can also help keep their skin and coat looking healthy.

Salmon helps in muscle development 

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A single 30 gram (1 oz.) serving of New Zealand King Salmon contains approximately 6g of protein. Just as humans need it for maintaining and building muscle, puppies need it too. This is a crucial macronutrient needed for the body to grow, and it’s essential that puppies get enough of it. Having adequate protein allows them to be as active as needed. 

Tips on feeding Salmon for puppies 

It’s important to serve Salmon that’s been cooked to at least 145° F or 62° C, as the raw version may have parasites and bacteria that can harm puppies. To ensure that your puppies ingest Salmon safely, look for specially formulated pet food made with New Zealand King Salmon as the # 1 ingredient. Aside from the cleanliness, you can be assured that it meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile for growth and reproduction 

Salmon Bleu for Puppies is one such product that contains all these nutrients and more. It has the Omega-3 fatty acids from New Zealand King Salmon to maintain healthy skin and coat, and Taurine for a healthy heart.  

It’s also supplemented with juicy cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries—an abundance of antioxidants, phytochemicals, chelated minerals, and flavonoids–beneficial to your dog’s continued health. These ingredients all come together to make a complete and balanced diet.  

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