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Summer is upon us and our furballs couldn’t wait to bask under the sun and have fun! But wait, along with summer comes many hazards that may harm our fur babies. Find out the most common dangers you might be exposing your pets to this summer.
dog summer dangers ticksTicks. Always check your pets for ticks after having a stroll under the sun, or each time you walk them out through wooded or grassy areas. Ticks carry various diseases that may be harmful to your pets, including Lyme disease. Remove them using tweezers for hygiene purposes. Ask for your vets the proper medication for your pet.

dog summer dangers water hydrationDehydration and heatstroke. Summer brings so much heat and humidity nowadays. Be sure you have fresh, clean water available for your furry ones. Carry portable water bowls when you walk them out. Dogs pant a lot to cool themselves. To further cool them off, bring ice packs, frozen treats, sprinklers, fans and things that will help them beat the heat. 
dog summer dangers mosquito biteMosquitoes. Another summer staple are mosquitoes. These pests are dangerous to your pets as they can contract heartworm from infected mosquitoes. We all know how fatal heartworm can be to dogs and cats. Make sure you have preventive measures as advised by your vet. 
dog summer dangers paw burn
Yes, pets do get sunburnt. Especially those with thin fur. They get burnt on the tips of their ears, nose, and belly. Get a sun cream that’s designed for dogs or cats. Speaking of burning, the cemented grounds can totally scald the paws of our furry pals. Don’t let them walk on it as this is very dangerous for them. 
dog summer dangers food poisoningFood poisoning. Summer is party time! Lots of food around. Some of them get easily spoiled by the heat. Be mindful to keep spoiled food out of their reach. Aside from having many food around, we’re also not sure if these are pet-friendly food. Chocolates, ice cream, even fruits like grapes, these can be toxic to some pets. Make sure that treats are limited to just the proper dog or cat treats. 

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