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August 26 is National Dog Day. You might be wondering how to make this holiday special for your canine pal. After all, going out to the park, playing catch, and other activities might have already lost its wonder not only for you but for your pet as well. Let’s make this a special day for your dog with these five extra special ways to celebrate the day.

Go camping

Dogs love to explore new places. Taking him camping will definitely be an experience he’ll enjoy. Just make sure that you can control your dog’s behavior as he might dart anywhere, especially when he sees something. Make sure that you’ve got your canine friend vaccinated, too. And don’t forget the treats. It’s as important as the other camping gear you need to bring with you.


Not all dogs may enjoy this, but if you have him acclimated with the boat before you take the trip, it’s going to be quite an exhilarating experience for him. Take him to the deck and let him savor the wind and smell of the sea. Make sure that you have dog treats with you. It will help him relax during the trip.

Bring your dog to work

Some companies set aside a day in a year where pet parents can bring their pets to the office. If this is the case, there will be fun activities for your dog to join in. Plus, he’d get to meet your coworkers and their pets as well. Just be aware of the food or treats that might be given to him. 

Road tripping

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Bring your canine friend with you and take a long, fun trip to places you’ve never been before. Plan it in such a way that every stop will be a memorable. If you plan an overnight, make sure that the hotel you intend to stay in accommodates pets. Plus, you have to bring along his dog food. Again, planning is key to make this moment memorable. 

Movie marathon

Great dog movies are available for you and your pet to watch. Movies like Homeward Bound, It’s a Dog’s Life, Air Bud, the ever-reliable 101 Dalmatians (live action or animated), and more. Set the activity in such a way that both of you will be cozy and comfortable. Either the couch or the floor will do, so long as both of you get to enjoy the movie. Don’t worry if your pet won’t enjoy the movie. He’d definitely value the bonding moment.

All throughout these activities make sure that you have your Addiction Foods dog treats and dog food with you. Addiction Foods has a wide array of dog food available, all specially formulated with the finest premium proteins for your pets’ overall wellbeing. 

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