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Teaching your dog cool new tricks is a great way to build discipline and character.

Previously, we’ve shared some essential commands that your dog needs to successfully learn, to pull off more difficult tricks.  

If your dog has learned all five basic commands, it’s time to take it up a notch with these five next-level tricks: 

TRICK 1: High Five 

Asking your dog to do a high-five is a cool trick that many kids love. To start, give your dog the sit command. Hold his favorite treat in front of him, just about his head level. Make your dog reach for the treat by tapping his paw and saying ‘high-five’. 

As soon as he reaches for the treat, use your palm to touch his paw in the air and say the command word ‘high-five’ again. Praise your dog and immediately give him a reward. Repeat this a few times until it’s perfect. 

TRICK 2: Shake Hands 

Shaking hands is a modified version of high-five. But instead of raising the treat high, place it lower, at around the middle of his torso when he’s sitting down. 

Show your dog the treat but keep it in your palm. If he touches or pokes at your closed fist to get the treat, you’re lucky! Say ‘shake,’ welcome his paw in your fist and then shake his paw. On each successful attempt, immediately praise and reward your dog.

Pro tip: Encourage your dog by giving him a treat that he can’t resist, like Addiction Foods Beef Meaty Bites. Soft and full of flavor, Beef Meaty Bites is made with only the most succulent, grass-fed New Zealand beef. Your dog can benefit from the wholesome nutrients and mouth-watering natural flavors of real beef! 

TRICK 3: Beg 

Let’s face it, it’s quite cute to see our pet-baby sitting all pretty and begging for attention – a position where his hindquarters are flat on the floor while his front paws are raised.  

Starting him from a sitting position, take a treat and let him smell it. Slowly lift the treat above him until he lifts his paws off the ground. As soon as he is in position, say ‘beg’ and give him the treat. 

Beg can be difficult for some breeds so remember to take it slow. Patiently train your fur-baby to reach a begging position only up to where he feels most comfortable. 

TRICK 4: Play Dead 

To teach him to ‘play dead,’ have him first lie down facing you.  

With a treat in your hand, allow him to smell the treat while slowly lowering it to his neck, then his shoulders until he rolls to lie on his back.  

Say ‘play dead’ and give him the treat. Repeat this a few times until he goes into position with just the command words. 


Pro Tip: If you praise and give your dog a tasty reward each time, he’ll start to look forward to your training sessions. Give him Addiction Foods Brushtail Meaty Bites, which is perfect to use for training dogs because of its wild, gamey flavor. Grain-free and guilt-free, Brushtail Meaty Bites is made with premium New Zealand brushtail possum, mixed with only the finest natural ingredients for your dog’s overall wellness.  

TRICK 5: Roll Over 

Teaching your dog to roll over uses the same techniques from the ‘play dead’ trick.

Follow the same steps, but as soon as he lies on his back, slowly trace the treat back up to his neck, then unto his nose until he returns to the initial lay down position.  

When he successfully makes a complete 360-degree turn, give him the command ‘roll over’ and reward him with the treat. 

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