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Pet theft is a cruel crime affecting both the owner and the pet in many ways.

The uncertainty, the stress, and the mixed emotions are more than enough to drive anyone crazy. That’s why it’s important that pet owners are well-aware of how to prevent and deal with pet theft.

Pet theft, particularly dog theft incidences, is growing at an alarming rate. In the US alone, close to two million dogs are abducted with only 10% recovery by their owners. For the most part, money is clearly driving the thefts, since people who steal pets, called flippers, have seen the high value of reselling specific breeds as pets.

With most of these crimes involving pure-bred or designer dogs, it’s not surprising why many pets are being stolen. Other reasons for stealing include using the dogs in illegal fighting rings or for medical research.

In the US, the most common dog breeds stolen either for re-selling or for involvement in fighting rings include Yorkshire and Boston Terriers, Pomeranian, Maltese, French Bulldog, Chihuahua and Labradoodle. Likewise, the American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever are also common targets.

Elsewhere in the world, in the UK, as many as 60 dogs were stolen weekly in 2018 for mostly the same reasons.

This year, as Dog Theft Awareness Day falls on 14th March 2019, let’s talk about how best to prevent pet theft with these five crucial ways you can do to prevent your dog from being abducted.

1. Never leave your pets unattended. 

Whether you’re going to get a quick cuppa at the local café, or dropping by the grocers to buy some greens, it would be wise to avoid leaving your dogs unattended or tied outside stores. Instead, look for such places and hangouts that are pet-friendly and allow your dogs to accompany you inside. Given the current theft rate, you might be putting your dog at the risk of being abducted if left unattended. Neither should you leave them locked inside your car. Here’s why.

2. Be careful who can see your pet’s images on social media. 

Although they do look cute in that new sweater or shirt you bought him or her, by posting too much about your pet’s whereabouts on your social media handles, you might be aiding pet thieves in finding the best opportune moment for them to abduct your dog. Be extra mindful also of people who ask too many questions about you, your dog and both your activities. Don’t give personal information online.

3. Microchip your dog. 

Although microchipping won’t prevent your dog from being stolen, it can improve the chances of getting him or her back. The rice grain-sized chip is implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades behind your dog’s neck. Each chip will then be assigned its own a unique number that’s recorded on a microchip database registry with details about you and your dog. Learn more about pet chips here.

4. Always have your dog’s details with you. 

Have a picture of your dog, his or her registry, his or her microchip details, and information on any of his or her distinguishing marks at hand always. It will be easier for you to share this information to the authorities at the unlikely event that your dog is stolen.

5. Change your routine regularly. 

Never stick to one route for your daily walking, or for doing other activities with your dog. Add some variety to what you enjoy doing with him or her: jog together in the park one day, then go to the beach on another. It would be wise to also have more than one way of going to and from your house to dissuade pet thieves from abducting your pet.

If you’ve been a victim of or reporting a pet theft you’ve witnessed, call your local police immediately. Pet theft is a serious misdemeanor with its corresponding legal consequences. The stress that such a crime creates for both pets and owners are immeasurable, and so helping solve such an incident by reporting it early can mean a lot for both the owner and the dog.

We’re all about keeping your pets safe from all forms of harm and distress.

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