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Every second Sunday of September is National Pet Memorial Day. Established In 1972 by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematorium, the event is in recognition of the important role pets play in our lives. Here are 7 creative ways to spend the special day alone or with your beloved pets. 

  1. Plant a tree in honor of your furry friend

Not only will you be contributing to the betterment of the environment, a tree planting activity with your canine pal or feline furball can be a fun way to bond together. Watch as your tree grows and reminisce the best times you’ve had with your pet.  

  1. Volunteer in pet shelters or rescue groups

Help is always welcome in pet shelters and rescue groups. Devoting some of your time to this endeavor can be a rewarding experience. Especially if you get to find the one pet that’s right for you. Having to adopt a rescue dog can be a life-changing experience for you and your adoptee.  

  1. Get a memorial tattoo

Show how much you love your pet by having a tattoo done by a professional. It can be your pet’s name or likeness. Just as long as you’re up to it. No pressure. Or, as an alternative, you can just design one just to exercise your creative juices. 

  1. Have a memorial party

Celebrate the life of your pet by having a small get together with other pet owners. You can make a video of old photos and film clips that feature your canine or feline pet. Encourage them to bring their pets or share memories of their beloved pets. 

  1. Get involved in a pet park development

Ask your local authorities and pet organizations if they have a pet exercise park development in the works. Offer your help or volunteer your services in this community endeavor. 

  1. Participate in events

There are cities and communities who celebrate this event. Check out your community calendar and see where you and your pet can participate. Events like this is family-friendly and pet-friendly, of course. Many activities where your pets can participate in are usually part of the celebration. 

  1. Create new memories in familiar places

In memory of your beloved pet, you can take your current dog or cat to favorite places you and your previous pet pal frequent. Forge new memories with your new pet. You might just find this calming and at the same time liberating. This activity is not for all pet owners though. But if you think you can do this, go ahead. 

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