Cats, Kidney, and Urinary Diseases: The low-down on organs down-below

Hey there, fur-parents! We’re going to tackle a topic that might be a little heavy, but we believe knowledge is power that can help reduce any fear you might have when it comes to health issues. In most cases, early detection is often beneficial, so read on to arm yourself with the ‘must-knows’ when it comes to this topic. Today, it’s all about what’s best for your feline friend dealing with Kidney and Urinary Disease. 

The Lowdown on Kidney and Urinary Disease in Cats  

Cats (and dogs) are prone to several diet-related disorders, and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the most well-known. Because of the kidneys’ incredible ability to adjust for tissue loss, in some cases, it can degrade to the point where they operate at only 30%-40% capability without displaying any or even no symptoms. Unfortunately, once symptoms start to show, it often results in a steady loss of function that could eventually be fatal. It is thus important to be aware of what some possible symptoms are.  

What are the initial symptoms of kidney and urinary disease? Your cat may become thirstier, consuming more water regularly. They may also urinate more frequently, and their urine output may appear cloudy. Some cats may develop a decreased appetite or experience severe weight loss. You might still notice a weight reduction even when they continue to eat normally. Other symptoms include lower overall activity and poor grooming habits as the disease progresses. 

Experts are still trying to identify the exact causes of CKD. However, there is proof that various variables, such as elevated blood pressure, decreased potassium levels, acidic diets, dental problems and kidney infections, congenital kidney disease, and specific drugs, can all contribute. 

CKD may arise at any stage of life, but it tends to impact older and more senior animals. Pets are now living much longer than they used to, so it is no surprise that there is also an increased incidence of CKD. Their bodies eventually wear out with age, just like humans do and CKD is just one reflection of this biological wear and tear.  

There is no treatment for kidney illness, but early detection, proper care, and a nutritious diet can help afflicted cats live well even with the disease. Veterinary treatments may result in your cat with CKD being given phosphorus-binding medicines before meals, subcutaneous fluids, and additional medications, depending on how far CKD has progressed. 

High-Quality, Low Phosphorus Protein Diet 

Cat kidney disease often requires a special diet that is low in phosphorus and high in quality protein. Addiction’s meat-first approach means that our cat food contains high-quality proteins that can be easier on your cat’s kidneys as it reduces their kidney’s workload. As such, it makes Addiction an appropriate diet for cats with kidney disease. According to research, cats with chronic kidney illness who are getting a low-phosphorus diet can live up to twice as long as cats who do not make any dietary modifications.  

Well-Crafted Palatable Meals  

Our formulas are meticulously crafted to provide top-notch nutrition while tantalizing the taste buds of even the pickiest feline eaters. This high palatability factor becomes even more crucial for our furry friends battling kidney disease, as the illness often dampens their appetite. We understand the extra importance of super tasty food in making mealtime enticing for these special kitties. 

Stay Hydrated, Meow!  

Hydration is the name of the game. It’s like a spa day for those kidneys. Keep that water bowl topped up! Moisture in the diet is vital for all pets, but it is even more essential for those with CKD since moisture helps the kidneys function properly. Keeping their drinking water at room temperature also allows their bodies to absorb that H2O more easily.  

Choosing an automated pet water fountain is a great way to entice your cat to drink more and stay hydrated. Some cats are naturally more drawn to running water, finding it instinctively safer than still water sources. 

Consult the Cat Experts  

It’s essential to seek guidance from your veterinarian when addressing your cat’s kidney disease. They can offer personalized dietary advice tailored to your cat’s unique requirements. While you can rely on Addiction Pet Foods for a high-quality, meat-based option designed for cats with kidney disease, we strongly recommend complementing it with your vet’s expert insights. Together, we can ensure your cat’s optimal health and well-being. 

Remember, supporting your cat through kidney disease is a journey. We know it can’t always be easy, but know that with proper care, these cats can still live a long and meaningful life.  

Stay paws-itive and keep those kitties feeling their best! 

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