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Did you know that dogs might literally get sick eating the same pet food over and over? Studies suggest that dogs develop sensitivities when they’ve been eating the same type of food for a long period of time. Too much of the same protein source might trigger stomach troubles and allergies.

So what are your alternative source of proteins aside from real meat, meal, and byproducts? Good thing novel proteins have entered the picture. “Novel” proteins mean “new” proteins your pet dogs haven’t tasted yet. Here’s a lowdown on novel proteins for your information.


There are other novel proteins which will be hitting the market soon, if they have not already. These are quail, ostrich, crickets, alligator, bison, and boar. Alternative sources for protein will definitely give variety to your pet’s food.

Now that you 
know some of the healthy novel protein alternatives for your canine companion, why not try Addiction Foods’ novel protein-filled products?


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