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October is almost over now and the weather has shifted to a definite fall feeling. We’re drinking pumpkin spice lattes, baking homemade bread and eating hearty, warming meals. It’s a great time of year for starting new things. Kids go back to school, days get shorter and the dark nights and cold mornings mean more of us spending time indoors.

Your pets will also probably be enjoying the fall weather. Brisk walks outdoors make naps by the fireplace even more luxurious. Cats become cozy lap warmers on cool fall nights.

A few things to keep in mind as we leave summer firmly behind and turn towards the cool, short days of winter:

  • Outdoor kitties sometimes look for warmth next to cars. A car that has recently been used makes for a cozy place to sleep. The warmth from the engine can keep a cold kitty warm if she huddles underneath the car. Some cats even get cold enough that they climb up into the engine. So, before you start your engine give the hood of your car a quick thump. Sure, you’ll probably give the kitty a mini heart attack as he runs away but you will save his life. It only takes a moment to do and could save a cold kitty’s life.
  • It’s probably too early in most places for this warning, but this year we’ve seen early temperatures drop down quickly and some places are getting snow already so we’re going to go ahead and say it anyway. Rock salt on roads and sidewalks can wreak havoc on some dogs paws. Check your dogs paws regularly, rinse paws when you come in doors or at the very least give them a good toweling off. It’s not good for your pooch to ingest rock salt anyway and most dogs lick their paws, so getting off most of the rock salt is a good idea.
  • Winter can be a hard time on older pets. As the cold sets in, arthritis can flare up and some older pets can have a hard time getting up and down. Provide comfortable beds that aren’t too hard to get out of and see your veterinarian if you think your older pet needs some assistance. There are lots of wonderful, natural joint supplements available.
  • Fresh water. I’m pretty sure having fresh water available is a tip that holds true for all seasons, but in winter it’s important to stay hydrated. The air is often dryer inside which can lead to skin flaking or shedding. Feeding your pet a diet high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids such as a fish based diet can also be helpful for dry skin and coat.
  • Halloween can be stressful for some dogs and downright dangerous for black cats. Please keep your pets indoors on Halloween. Sure, your dog might be kid friendly, but is your dog zombie friendly? Better to just put pets in a safe part of your home and enjoy the neighborhood trick or treaters without them.

We hope you enjoy the fall weather with your pet. We have some great canned foods on sale right now at our online store to celebrate the end of summer and the return of fall! Check out our deals at

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