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new year has just started and while the rest of the world is busy making resolutions, our Chinese friends from all over the world are busy preparing for their New Year. The Chinese New Year is usually celebrated during the day of the New Moon. In 2018, that would land on February 16, Friday. Additionally, this coming Chinese New Year is special to all dogs because 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

The Chinese believe dogs are a symbol of luck and success. So if your home has a dog, consider yourself some of the luckiest people this coming Chinese New Year. Truthfully, we know that you know this too because your dog loves you immensely (and you love them back).

However, your dog might not enjoy the Chinese New Year as much as you do with all the loud fireworks and noise. Dogs are easily startled and you don’t want to see your dear old pet cower under the dining table for hours. But that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate and welcome another fantastic year with your pooch. There are other ways to make 2018’s Chinese New Year special for you and your dog. Here are some ideas that we have!

Bring Luck By Doing Bath Time

Starting the New Lunar Year by throwing out the garbage and performing an overall house cleaning is an excellent idea. However, cleaning on Chinese New Year Day itself is believed to bring bad luck. The Chinese believe that sweeping or throwing something out of a home during the first 48 hours of the New Lunar Year is equivalent to removing good luck from a home.

Make sure to clean your home hours before the Chinese New Year arrives. The Chinese believe that spring cleaning before the New Year allows luck to enter your home in huge droves! As per Chinese New Year tradition, we believe it would be wise to clean yourself and your dog before the New Lunar Year so you can absorb all the luck you can get, too!

Play Indoors (and Watch the Celebrations on TV)

Dogs love seeing things that are colorful and visually attractive. Indeed, they would enjoy the fireworks, but the loud noises and cheering surrounding them can make them feel stressed out.

It is important to avoid inducing stress to your dog just for celebrations. According to a study by Pennsylvania State University Veterinarian and Animal Science Researcher Nancy Dreschel, a consistent stream of stress due to noise can lead to a shortened lifespan for your fur baby.

Even while staying indoors, you and your dog will not have to miss out on the celebrations. You can let your little baby enjoy the show and the dancing dragons by watching the celebration on TV instead.

Host a Doggy Party at Home!

As an alternative to attending the festivities, you can host or attend a doggy party at another dog owner’s home. You can have your friends come over with their dogs. Not only will it improve your dog’s social interaction during the celebration, but you can spend quality time with other dog owners who are as passionate as you.

Some great ideas if you’re hosting: party hats for both dogs and humans. Grab some Chinese New Year decor to paint your walls with a festive mood. If you’re attending the party, then make sure to bring both human and doggy treats such as our Meaty Bites Treats to contribute to the party’s consumable potluck!

Eat ‘Luck-Bringing’ Foods (For Humans and Dogs)

The Chinese believe in foods that bring good luck. For example, eating noodles during your birthday or the New Lunar Year will give you a longer and happier life. According to China Highlights, certain foods can bring certain effects on the fortune of those who eat them. Here is a list:

  • Fish – Prosperity
  • Dumplings – Wealth
  • Spring Rolls – Wealth
  • Sweet Rice Balls – A close family/friendship bond
  • Good Fortune Fruit – Fullness and Wealth
  • Glutinous Rice Cake – Better income/ career progress

Sadly, your dog cannot eat some of these dishes. To ensure your dog only eats food safe for them, here is a good list of foods your dog can and cannot eat.  If you want your dog to have great wealth, you can eat rice with him or her together. Some salmon would not hurt, too!

Dress Yourself and Your Dog in Red (or Green or Purple)

According to Travel China Guide, the lucky color for the Year of the Dog is not only red, which is the traditional Chinese lucky hue. You have two other choices: purple and green. Indeed, it is part of China’s Lunar Year celebration to wear outfits with the colors of luck.

Make sure that your dog’s outfit is made from breathable fabric such as cotton or wool. Clothes can double the warmth they experience and can lead to excessive perspiration or irritation. You do want your dog to enjoy the celebrations by wearing lucky clothing, but compromising their health in the process is not the way to go about it.

Also, remember to hug your dog and tell them how much they mean to you once the fireworks start. It’s the Year of the Dog — your baby’s year — after all!

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