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Pesky skin allergies in pets can be caused by a lot of factors and doesn’t choose a season – which means it can happen anytime this New Year.

While most pets have reactions to pollen, plants and insects, they can also get allergies from their food.

Take dogs, for example. The most common food ingredients responsible for their allergies are likely chicken, beef, dairy, pork, lamb, fish, eggs, corn, soy, and grains (e.g. wheat).

Likewise, corn and wheat are often used as cheap fillers in pet food, and so it’s easier for dogs to develop an intolerance for them. Here’s what happens when your dog has food allergies.

The tendency to develop allergies may also be genetically determined. Dogs with other allergies like inhalant allergies or atopy may be at an increased risk for developing a food allergy, which refers to an immune response caused by certain ingredients in their diet that leads to itching sensations.

This means if your dog eats food that they’re allergic to, they will start to itch, have smelly and oily fur and show other signs of allergic reactions. Read about this adverse reaction that’s believed to be associated with the Type I immune response.

What to do when your dog has allergies

  1. When you see signs of itching, patched and dry skin, redness and similar symptoms on your buddy, do the right thing and see your vet. They’ll advise you of the best way to address your fur-bestie’s dilemma.
  2. For skin allergies, try gradually adding some Omega 3 fatty acids to their diets. The fiber content in these fatty acids can help treat skin allergies.
  3. Likewise, you can explore changing their diets from time to time, to identify the specific ingredient they may be allergic to.
  4. Switching foods to one with a different source of protein other than the one you have been feeding is one feasible solution. Read more about rotating proteins in their food here.
  5. You can explore ultra-hypoallergenic pet food to help him recover faster from his allergies, especially for dogs who’ve suffered long-term. This will help alleviate the itchiness and pain he may be experiencing and help his skin and coat become healthier again.

Solving your dogs’ allergy woes

Addiction Foods’ Nutri-Rx Allergy HS is an ultra-hypoallergenic grain-free food for dogs suffering from long-term and seemingly incurable food intolerances.

Specifically formulated to provide gentle, balanced nutrition and soothe food allergy symptoms, Addiction Nutri-Rx Allergy HS is a revolutionary food solution for sensitive dogs across life stages.

It provides a complete and balanced ultra-hypoallergenic diet for dogs to manage skin, coat and digestive health. With its highly digestible prescription food formulation, Addiction Nutri-Rx Allergy HS utilizes advanced Hydrolyzed Protein technology to effectively manage food allergies.

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Used as an exclusion diet or as a supplement alongside fruits and vegetables, Allergy-HS’s low-allergen formula is ideal for managing your sensitive or allergic dog’s diet.

Give the gift of freedom from long-term allergies this season.

Bring back your pooch’s great skin and shiny fur, and help them enjoy this new year to the fullest!

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