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There’s a common misconception among pet owners that our pets require a high protein diet that consists mostly of meat – which is essentially the food that our omnivorous dogs and obligate carnivorous cats require to thrive.

That’s why many pet owners had been very cautious in the amount of meat to include in their pet’s diet but in reality, it’s the QUALITY OF THE PROTEIN and not the quantity that counts.

The crux lies in the Protein Source.

According to, “Proteins are the building blocks of the body and an absolute necessity for daily function. However, when a dog consumes too much protein in a meal it cannot all be utilized at one time, nor can it be stored for later. The body will then excrete the excess protein through the kidneys and out of the body via urine. Thus, the quality of the protein actually becomes more important than the actual amount as a high-quality protein is more bioavailable and can be better absorbed by the body.”

High quality proteins are easily digestible and do not generate large amounts of waste that needs to be removed from the body. In contrast, poor quality proteins are difficult to digest and require the body to work doubly hard in order to extract a minute amount of nutrients.

What to look for in choosing your pet’s food?

Rather than look for a food that contains high level of protein, you should look for foods that are balanced and specifically formulated for your dog’s lifestyle, life stage, and size.

In choosing your pet’s food, look at the label and take note of the order of ingredients. This is essential because ingredients are listed in the order of weight. If the first few listings include ingredients like Chicken and Kangaroo, these are good quality protein sources. However, if you read chicken by-product or bone meal as the first few ingredients, you might want to think twice and look for other alternative as these are poorly digestible protein sources.

At Addiction Foods, we source only the Finest Premium Proteins and Game Meats such as Free-range Venison, Salmon, Kangaroo and Brushtail from one of the cleanest places in the world to manufacture pet food – New Zealand. All our foods do not contain by products, fillers, wheat, soy, artificial colors and flavorings. Discover Addiction Foods now!

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