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If you get on the internet and search for the best food for your cat, you may feel overwhelmed with the information and choices available.  Pet owners today have hundreds of choices when it comes to food for their cats.  If you’re asking yourself, “How do I pick the best food for my cat?”, we’d like to help you get started.

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

Cats are natural hunters and are also obligate carnivore.  An obligate carnivore is an animal that eats mostly meat and has a digestive system designed to digest meat as it’s primary source of nutrition.

This means that no matter what food you are feeding your cat, it should primarily consist of meat.  Foods that use grains or starches as the first ingredient are not a good choice for cats.  Food that use unspecified meats should also be avoided, as these could be from any animal.  Look for foods that specify ‘chicken meal’ or ‘turkey meat’.  Meal is just meat with the water removed, so don’t let meal scare you.

Cats Need Water In Their Food

Even if your cat is a water fanatic and drinks from fountains and sinks and bathtubs, your cat still needs water from their food.  Cats don’t have a very high thirst drive and are used to getting most of their water from their prey, which contains up to 75% water. The healthiest choice for your cat is a diet that contains water, such as canned food, dehydrated foods that you add water to or a raw diet.  If you must feed dry food, consider supplementing with a canned food to increase your cat’s water consumption.

Picky Kitties are Normal

Cats are naturally finicky.  Some cats prefer chunky textures, some cats like soupy food.  Other cats will only eat pate, while some cats only eat the gravy from their food.  Cats who eat dry food can be shape picky as well, with some cats only wanting round foods and others only eating star shapes.

Variety is Key

Mixing up what your cat eats will help keep the fussiness to a minimum. Changing up formulas, protein sources and types of food keeps your cat’s digestive system in top shape and can help keep food sensitivies at bay.

It may take some time to find just the right foods for your cat, so start with samples and single cans until you know your cat’s preferences.

Addiction carries a full line up of canned cat foods, dry foods and dehydrated foods that you can try for your cat.

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