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Cats love Christmas trees.  For a cat, a Christmas tree is one giant cat toy that you have been nice enough to string with lights and hang lots of cat toys off of.  A Christmas tree may be your cat’s favorite present if you’re not careful.  Cats can do a lot of damage to a Christmas tree and your ornaments and anything else that might be in the vicinity.  If you need to know how to keep your cat off your Christmas tree, keep reading!

Some people use baby gates to keep their cats out.  Maybe this works for some cats and it seems to work for dogs, but most cats we know would look at this gate as part of the giant obstacle course leading to the final fun toy, The Tree!

Squirt bottles and shaker cans work pretty well, but those require you to be home AND to be watching both the cat and the tree at exactly the right moment.  We found a product that just might do the trick.  It’s called a Tattle Tale. It vibrates and makes noise when it senses movement.

The idea is that you hang this in your Christmas tree and every time your cat (or cats) try to climb up and bat at the toys, the Tattle Tale sounds off the alarm. Depending on how persistent your cats are, you may need to leave this up the entire holiday season or you may just be able to use it for a few days until your cat gets the idea that the tree is off limits. You can also use clear fishing line to connect your tree to the ceiling so the cats can’t tip it over.

We hope that your cats are more nice than naughty and that Santa brings them all the catnip they asked for and more.  And maybe some Addiction Pet Food to go along with it.  Happy Holidays!




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