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Recently tagged as pests of the Australian Outback, kangaroos provide quite the novel eco-friendly meat protein.

As Australia continues to clear ranges and expand its farmlands, this in turn has provided more grasslands for kangaroos to feed and support larger populations called mobs.

However, the Australian rangeland supports a wide variety of animals aside from wild kangaroos. Other animals that rely on grasslands need to compete with these marsupials for food which can lead to fluctuating grazing opportunities for both free-range and domesticated sheep and cattle.

Recent efforts by the Australian government has led to the decision to keep the kangaroo population under control in order to keep rangelands sustainable for all species relying on grazing.

And yet, such efforts have also led to the discovery of kangaroo meat as a high protein novel meat that’s great for both humans and dogs alike.

A rising opportunity

Just recently, farmers have started tapping on the economic potential of kangaroo meat. Compared to sheep and cattle, kangaroos pose lesser impact on the environment and need lesser food and water to maintain compared to their ovine and bovine counterparts, making them a viable source for meat.

On the onset, harvesting wild kangaroos helps preserve the environment – making it more sustainable – while providing pets with a nutritious low-fat meat that is high in conjugated linoleic acids.

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Why should pet owners be interested in conjugated linoleic acid or CLA? Well, CLA has been found to support many body functions important to overall health and fitness, especially among dogs, as well as inhibiting obesity, helping owners to manage their pet’s weight and overall cardiovascular health.

A great way to enjoy kangaroo

Addiction Pet Foods’ Wild Kangaroo and Apples offers hugely flavorsome goodness that harnesses the natural benefits of wild kangaroo and tangy apples, creating that completely holistic meal for your dog’s nutritional well-being.

Wild kangaroo is an incredibly nutritious protein that contains the highest levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) of any red meat, even when compared to lamb or beef. And because kangaroos are harvested from the wild, they’re free from antibiotics and hormones – making their meat more beneficial to your dog’s health across life stages.

Infused with naturally-occurring flavonoids and antioxidants, Wild Kangaroo and Apples combats free radicals and helps boost your dog’s immune system.

What customers say about Wild Kangaroo and Apples

Here’s what satisfied customers have to say about Addiction Pet Foods’ Wild Kangaroo and Apples:

“My 9-year old Jack Russell has had stomach issues since puppyhood. I have tried many foods, even making his food, but he would always have more bad days than GOOD ones. We started Wild Kangaroo and Apples food, he is doing wonderful! No more medical issues daily! He is very happy and healthy. Thank you for a great product for my special friend!”
Anonymous, sent in via email

“Dixie enjoys both the dry food Wild Kangaroo and Apples and the raw dehydrated foods. She acts as though she is getting a yummy treat! The pets love the taste and I love that it’s holistic and grain-free! You can’t go wrong with Addiction Foods and we are very satisfied customers!”
Dana, sent in via email

Don’t just take their word for it. Here’s what other pet owners have to say.

Meanwhile, here’s another kangaroo variant.

Discover a whole new world of novel proteins with Addiction Pet Foods to promote better health for your dog through food rotation and avoid taste fatigue from his usual diets.

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