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Because it’s Independence Day, let’s have a sit-down talk about the pros and cons of having your dogs on a leash or not. After all, a free dog is fun to watch as he explores his surroundings and mark his territory, compared to one that’s inside his kennel.  

Pros of having your dogs on a leash 

Safety. It’s on the top of our list as having your dog secure gives you control over him. Dogs are unpredictable when you’re walking them out, no matter how much training he had. They can dart in any direction when something strikes their fancy. Remember, as his owner, you’re responsible for any harm or damage that he may do to a person or a property.  

It’s the law. There are different dog leash laws all over the US. Depending on which state you’re in, you should be aware of them. If you’re living in other parts of the world, know what dog leash laws they have. For example, Australia has leash-free (or lead-free) dog parks but in most parts, dogs must be on a leash. 

You’re in control. Your dog knows you’re in charge. A tug of the leash will make them behave. Your dog is less likely to be naughty if he feels you are in control. 

Leash training. A leash is an effective tool to train your dog to behave. Once you’ve leash trained your dog, he knows how to behave when he sees you have his leash. His wagging tail is an indication of the joys of walking the dog. 

Improved companionship. A leashtrained dog keeps better company compared to one who is not. He usually “seeks” your permission if he wants to explore a new area, for example.  

Cons of not having your dog on a leash 

Freedom unrestraint. Dogs love to explore their surroundings. They dart to and fro, marking their territory. They either find trash to pick up or chew on which may cause harm to them. Unless they’re well-trained and disciplined, your pet dog should never be out of your sight.

Tires easily. That burst of energy when you untether your dog from his leash? That wanes fast. He gets tired easily.  

Walking disaster. You don’t know what’s going to happen next if your dog encounters a cat or a dog. It’s either fight or flight for your furball. Or if your dog meets someone who’s afraid of canines. Do you really want to risk it? 

There are many thoughts on the pros and cons of having your dog on a leash. Be that as it may, it really pays if you train your dog properly and instill discipline. That way, you will know if you can have your dog on a leash, or in some occasions, free from it.   

As always, make sure your pet has had his shots so that whatever happens, he won’t get any harmful or fatal disease. Don’t forget to feed him with Addiction’s pet food for dogs, specially formulated with the finest premium proteins for your pet’s overall wellbeing.  

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