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You might have seen it and heard about it on pet food brand labels: limited ingredient. But what does it do to your pets?

What is limited ingredient?

When “limited ingredient” is mentioned, one thinks that the pet food one is buying contains lesser ingredients than the other brands. This is correct as some pet food companies produce a “reduced number of actual ingredients compared to [its] standard kibble products.”[1] The truth of the matter is, “limited ingredient” varies per pet food recipe.

The idea behind

Limited ingredient came about to address the health concerns for pets, particularly their food sensitivities that bring about symptoms like excessive itching, shedding, hot spots, gas, even diarrhea. By eliminating or limiting the ingredients of the food being fed to your cats or dogs, you get to eliminate the source of your pets’ allergies.

Allergy-causing ingredients

Chicken and beef are the topmost allergenic foods for dogs and cats.[2] Other allergenic ingredients that vets recommend to eliminate from your pets’ diets in order for them to pinpoint your pets’ sensitivities are dairy, wheat, egg, soy, and pork. Vets also recommend feeding your pets with food they have never had before. That’s where limited ingredient diet comes in.

What makes it limited

Aside from the obvious (which is a reduced number of ingredients), here’s what makes pet food a limited diet:

  • One protein source. Protein is limited to one type, keeping sensitive pets healthy.
  • One source for carbohydrates. Same as above, carbohydrates are limited in the recipe. For example, there are limited ingredient diets that contain turkey meat (one single protein source) and potatoes (one single carbohydrate source that is easily digested).
  • Novel protein. Novel protein is a protein source that your pet hasn’t eaten before. New proteins are less likely to trigger food allergies because your cat or dog has never had it before. This limited exposure means your pets are less likely to develop sensitivities to a new protein. If you think your pet can benefit from novel proteins, try salmon, lamb, venison, brushtail or duck, or even kangaroo!
  • No grains like wheat, corn, and soy. Addiction Foods pet food products are grain-free! So you won’t find ingredients that might trigger allergies like wheat, corn, and soy.
  • No artificial ingredients. Addiction Foods prides itself on products that do not have artificial ingredients that may trigger allergies.

Always remember

Food sensitivities of your pets may be a symptom of some other medical condition. You can also check out our Nutrition Advisor on our homepage to see what pet food is suitable for your cat or dog. Always consult your veterinarian if the condition of your canine or feline friend gets worse or does not improve.

We have to be creative in keeping our pets healthy. Addiction Foods has gone further by producing and distributing pet food for cats and dogs under strict safety measures. Your favorite pet food brands will still be available at your local store. Stay safe and shop responsibly. Avail of contactless online delivery with our online retail partners in New Zealand, Singapore, or the USA.

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