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With COVID-19 bringing many countries to close their borders and order lockdowns, many pet parents are wondering how to keep their dogs active and entertained. Aside from the go-to activity (which is exercise), there are other fun things that you and your pet can do during the lockdown. Here are some suggestions.


If the lockdown allows you to go outdoors to train your canine friend, that’s fine. But, chances are, you’d be staying in your home. So the best time to have face time with your dog is to train him indoors. There are lots of basic training activities that you and your dog can engage in. Check our blog article entitled “5 Advanced Tricks to Teach Your Dog” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Behavioral training is best for dogs when they’re around 7 to 8 weeks of age. Positive reinforcement and gentle teaching are advised. Make their training short as they have short attention spans. Gradually increase their training time as they age. Plus, you can teach them new tricks along the way.


A couple of years back, Netflix did a survey where it came out that pets are the perfect companion to binge-watch your favorite series. According to Forbes’ article, 58% of Netflix members said that pets are the best bingeing companions. An astonishing 74% admitted that they’ve watched Netflix with their pets. So experience cuddlesome moments with your canine companion during this lockdown period. Aside from prepping popcorns for yourself, keep handy that Addiction Foods pet food treats for them to snack on.


Do you want your pets to have a good exercise? Here’s one thing you can do indoors. It’s not your typical game of hide-and-seek where your pooch will look for you. It goes like this: have some pet treats hidden all over the place! Be creative. You can have the treat wrapped and hidden behind the couch. Or under the table. Or in someplace where your dog can conveniently find it. This game exercises his tracking capabilities. We all know how dogs have that strong sense of smell so make it fun for him during this period. Meaty Bites treats would definitely come in handy for this activity. I am sure there are tons of things for you and your dog to do indoors. Check out some of our links below.

Always available

During this COVID-19 lockdown, your favorite Addiction Foods brands will still be available. As a food producer, We have been classified as an Essential Service by New Zealand. That means we will continue to produce and supply pet food for domestic consumption and export. Rest assured that our pet food products will be available at your local store.

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