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Your dog has been with you throughout all the years of his life, providing you with affection, loyalty, and companionship whenever you needed them. Now that age is catching up with Ol’ Fido, he may no longer be able to participate in the same activities that both of you shared in the past. He may not be as active as before, and may be more prone to certain illnesses, and would require that you adjust your expectations and the way you have been caring for him.

One of the first signs that your dog is coming of age is when your dog starts slowing down. It may take a longer time to perform movements such as getting up and lying down. Arthritis may also take its toll on your dog and it may not be as physically nimble and active as it was before. Therefore, you may need to change the activities that you used to share with your pet and your expectations of such activities in order to cater to its changing needs. Your dog may also experience a reduction in hearing as it grows older, thus it would be good if it learns to recognize gestures for basic actions. Another observable trait would be the graying of your dog’s fur and drying of skin, so do make sure that your dog gets the proper treatment for his skin condition.

Another sign of aging is that your dog will become more prone to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and heart diseases. It would be helpful if you could ensure that your dog gets a good diet, give your dog adequate exercise, be aware of the symptoms of various illnesses, and bring your dog for routine check-ups with the vet. You could even feed your dog supplements as well after a check with your vet. If you find your dog behaving abnormally in any way, such as vomiting and diarrhea, do consult your vet immediately.

With the required knowledge at hand, you and your dog can both share and experience the memorable and wonderful golden years of his life, knowing that he has been getting the best from you throughout his entire life journey.

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