Maximize Savings and Sustainability with Addiction Pet Foods on Amazon: Hidden Benefits of Subscribe and Save

Are you a regular Amazon shopper looking to get even more value out of your pet food purchases? With our Subscribe and Save offer on Amazon, you can unlock even more savings and ensure your furry friends never run out of their favorite Addiction Pet Foods. All this on a platform you already know and love.  

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Maximize Your Savings with Our Special Offer 

Here’s how you can maximize your savings: 

  1. Initial Order Discount: Enjoy a compelling 20% off on your first Subscribe and Save order. This includes a standard 10% Subscribe and Save discount plus an extra 10% off exclusively for your initial order. 
  2. Subsequent Orders: For every order after your first, you’ll continue to receive a 10% discount. This ensures you’re set to save for life on our premium pet food. 
  3. Combine Orders for Even More Savings: Combine your Addiction Pet Foods subscription order with other items to unlock an incremental discount. By subscribing to five or more items in one Subscribe and Save to one address, you can increase your discount to 25% on your first purchase and 15% for regular discounts. This means more savings on essential items every month. 

To put it in perspective, the average Subscribe and Save offer on Amazon typically provides around 5% off without any additional first-purchase discount. With Addiction Pet Foods, your first order gets a significant 20% off, making it an unmatched deal. By combining orders, you further increase your savings, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious shoppers. 

Steps to Subscribe and Save 

  1. Find Your Favorite Pet Foods: Head over to our Amazon store and select your favorite Addiction Pet Food in the required size. Click ‘See all details’ or ‘See buying options’.  
  2. Click on the Highlighted Coupon: Check the box to apply the additional 10% off on your first order. 
  3. Locate the Subscribe and Save Box: ‘Subscribe and Save’ option is below the product price on mobile or a panel on the right on desktop.   
  4. Input the Quantity: Choose the amount of product you wish to receive on a regular basis. 
  5. Select the Frequency of Delivery: Decide on the delivery frequency that suits your needs – monthly, bi-monthly, or any other available interval. 
  6. Confirm your Order: Click the ‘Set Up Now’ button to confirm your subscription. 
  7. Validate and Checkout: Double-check the details of your order.Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and lock in your savings. 

Additional Benefits of Subscribe and Save 

Financial Planning 

Regular subscriptions aid in household budgeting by providing predictable monthly expenses. Consistent savings from subscriptions accumulate over time, contributing to a more manageable and planned spending strategy. This is particularly beneficial when looking for more value on what they’re already spending on their regular pet food purchases.  

Environmental Impact 

Subscribing to bulk deliveries reduces packaging waste and the carbon footprint associated with frequent individual shipments. Fewer delivery trips and reduced packaging materials mean a more sustainable shopping practice, making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly pet food shopping. 

Convenience and Lifestyle Improvement 

The time-saving aspect and convenience of never running out of essential pet supplies are significant (Goodbye mental load!). Improved lifestyle quality is evident through the reliability of automatic deliveries, ensuring your pets always have their favorite food. Should you decide to cancel your Subscribe and Save order later on, the process is simple and hassle-free. Just go to your Amazon account, navigate to ‘Your Subscribe & Save Items’, select the subscription you want to cancel, and click ‘Cancel Subscription’. There are no fees or penalties for cancellation. 

Why Choose Addiction Pet Foods? 

Addiction Pet Foods offers some of the best formulas available for your pets on a convenient Subscribe and Save program on Amazon. This is available for some of our global bestselling pet food, such as the Wild Kangaroo and Apples, which features real kangaroo meat as its first ingredient. This formula from our sensitive care range is made without chicken or chicken fat, 100% grain and gluten-free, which makes it suitable for many dogs with skin and gut-allergies. You can find our products and the best Addiction Pet Food formulas online. 

By following these simple steps, you’ll be maximizing your savings on every purchase while ensuring your pets enjoy the best nutrition with Addiction Pet Foods. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – start your subscription today and see the savings add up. 

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