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Observed annually every May, the National Pet Month is a celebration of all the mutual benefits pets and pet owners share with one another. It aims to encourage people to adopt pets, especially homeless ones, and take care of them responsibly. 

Here are three simple ways on how you can meaningfully celebrate the National Pet Month and make a difference in every pet’s life.

Support pet adoption

Primarily, we keep pets as companions or protectors. No matter what our reason is, abandoned pets in shelters yearn for someone who will take them in and will provide them a home forever. 

If you are looking for a pet, consider adopting one from a pet shelter. It would be nice if you’d choose to give a second chance to a senior dog or cat. You may also encourage your relatives and friends to take home a pet and get a friend for a lifetime.

Do volunteer work in animal shelters

May National Pet Month dog adopt

Pet shelters need supplies like food and blankets to keep all dogs and cats under their care healthy and warm. Donating supplies with your friends will help your local shelter to take in more homeless and abandoned pets.  

But if you don’t have supplies to donate, volunteering efforts are also much appreciated. Playing and cuddling with cats in the shelter or teaching dogs these basic commands and cool tricks will help improve their socialization skills and increase their chances for adoption. 

Practice responsible pet ownership

Being a responsible pet owner means that the dog or cat you welcome into your home is a family member. You commit to taking care of the pet for the rest of its life. Recognize that owning pets will require you to spend time, effort, and money, but rest assured, pet ownership is a mutually beneficial relationship that you will never regret. 

Caring for a pet provides us with a sense of purpose, feelings of fulfillment, and genuine companionship born out of unconditional love. And the best way that we pet owners can nourish our relationships with our pets is to provide them with nutritious meals that will go further for their health and nutrition, like Addiction Foods.

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