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It’s a perfect time to get your hiking gears ready to celebrate National Take a Hike Day with your dog. Every November 17 is an opportunity for you to take to the trails and breathe that healthy fresh air. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Water purification tabs

You don’t want you and your dog to get sick when drinking unpurified water. Be sure to have these handy.

2. Water

Just in case you and your dog won’t want to drink the water nature provides, and just to be on the safe side, you can bring bottled water. And don’t forget the bowl for your dog. There are collapsible bowls available. 

3. Food!

For you and your dog, of course. Bring more than the usual amount of dog food and treats since hiking takes so much energy. And you know how dogs are when they get hungry. 

4. Leash

You don’t want your dog to run astray, or worst, get lost in the woods, would you? Keep him nearby with a leash, preferably no longer than 6 feet. No retractable leashes, please! These might get tangled in bushes. 

5. First-aid kit

Who knows what you might encounter in your nature tripping. Make sure you have tweezers to remove ticks from your dog, antiseptic for wounds, bandages, etc.  

6. Dog boots

Get boots for your dog to protect their paws when hiking. Also called mittens, these paw guards will have your dog protected from sharp objects. Get your dog oriented with it before you go hiking.

7. Dog tags

Make sure your dog has one on his collar. Others have opted for implanting a microchip in their dogs. Also, have pictures of your dog handy. 

8Natural insect repellents

Along with nature tripping comes nature’s insects. Bring natural insect repellents as many dogs have strong reactions to DEET-based repellents.  

Of course, for a day’s hike, a rewarding treat of pet food is what’s best for your dog. Addiction has dry dog food products for a holistic diet for your dog. Nutritionally balanced, grain-free and all-natural, Addiction included taurine in its formulation for your dog’s heart health.  

Addiction Foods pet foods are available from your local store 

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