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July 31 is National Mutt Day! It’s a day to celebrate mixed breeds. Fact is, it is celebrated twice (the other is on December 2). This is to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breeds across the states living in shelters, 80% of which are mixed breeds. Make pampering your mutts on this day memorable.

Mixed breeds or mutts need care and attention as much as purebreds. Though they may not be as predictable, mutts can be friendly, sweet, loving, caring, and more. Some mutts take time to open up to new owners but when they do, love flows out of them like opened floodgates. If you’re an owner of one (or if you got one from a shelter), here are some things you can do to celebrate National Mutts Day.  

Go to a dog park 

Take him to a new dog park. A new place to explore would definitely be a treat for your furball. Just make sure that you have everything you need when you walk him. 

Have a dog massage 

Animal massage therapists abound. Check the yellow pages. Give your mutt a very relaxing experience by having his back scratched and massaged. Massages help relax tense muscles, stimulate circulation, and enhance mobility of your mutts.  

Visit a pet-friendly resort 

Bonding time is stronger when you both get to luxury resorts that are pet-friendly. Check out for some ideas.  

Get a new toy 

It’s fun to see the enjoyment of your furry pal when you see them play with a new toy. There are many chew toys and stuffed toys to choose from. Just make sure they’re all safe for dogs. 

Visit a vet 

Make this occasion your time to bring your mutt to the vet. Have him go through the works to see if he’s in the pink of health. Most often than not, dogs ignore whatever ails them. So better have him checked.  

Give him a good grooming 

After the check-up, your pup might be stressed. Give him a good grooming. It can be relaxing for him to have his coat combed and shined, nails clipped… the works!  

Puppy play date 

If your pup is sociable and playful, schedule a puppy play date. For sure, he’d welcome the company of someone his age. Bring some toys so he and his puppy pals can share it. 

Mutts deserve much love 

Depending on where you got your mutt, much love and attention should be devoted to them as they can be sweet, caring, and loyal as much as purebreds. Although there’s a thin line separating pampering from spoiling, they deserve a day of fun and relaxation, too. Just make sure not to overdo it. Anything excessive is bad. 

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