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There’s no doubt that soya offers a lot of health benefits. And the soy protein isoflavones is one of them. See how your dog can benefit from this important phytonutrient. 

What are isoflavones? 

Isoflavone is a phytonutrient naturally found in protein-rich legumes like soya, green beans, mung beans, and peas. Soya, or soybeans, contain the highest levels of this phytonutrient among all plant foods. 

This phytonutrient helps the mother plant to fight off fungi and bacteria. In the same way, the high antioxidant properties in this soy protein help prevent cell damage due to free radicals. 

Health benefits of isoflavones 

In humans, isoflavones are seen to help lower incidences of certain kinds of cancer like breast, colon, and prostate cancers. It also helps reduce the risk of heart and kidney diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension. 

Dogs and cats alike can also benefit from this phytonutrient. According to this article from VCA, “isoflavones appear to be beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol and in decreasing urinary incontinence in some pets. They may also help in the treatment of cancer.” 

Likewise, it can help prevent obesity in pets. PetMD shared a study by veterinary researchers who observed two groups of neutered Labrador Retrievers with high tendencies for obesity. One group had isoflavones on their diet while the other doesn’t. The group with isoflavones have experienced reduced body fat accumulation in a span of nine months. 

Adding isoflavones-rich foods to your dog’s diet 

Dogs of all ages can benefit from soya as the main source of protein or as an added nutritional value. Veterinarians may recommend soy protein to dogs who are obese or are suffering from certain kinds of diseases, including those with meat allergies. 

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