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Addiction believes in creating responsible foods that are both great for your pets as well as the environment and is the only pet food company to participate actively in the eco-sustainability movement. Our pet food sources are only from New Zealand and Australia and are carefully chosen to ensure that our products adhere to our eco-friendly philosophy.

The New Zealand Brushtail and Australian Kangaroo have long since been considered pests. There are approximately 70 million Brushtails and 3.6 million Kangaroos destroying extensive areas of New Zealand and Australian forest and endangering wildlife. These animals are being strictly controlled in the hope that their numbers can be greatly reduced and the damage caused put to a stop. However, instead of being destroyed, these pests make good novel protein sources of pet food.

The Brushtail contains higher levels of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids than other red meats and fish and we have partnered with the New Zealand government to harvest the animal for our food. The Australian government has licensed the harvesting of free-range kangaroos for commercial pet food as it is a low-fat meat with high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), shown to contribute to overall health and fitness.

Addiction also utilizes other environment-friendly novel protein sources such as Venison. New Zealand is a major world supplier of venison, a naturally healthy red meat rich in Protein and Iron. Its deer live in a free-range environment, and are free of artificial hormones and chemicals.

Dogs with meat allergies will be able to choose a meat exclusion diet with Zen Vegetarian. Eating plant food rather than animals leads to better use of resources and better protection of the environment.

Our signature foods are our top-selling New Zealand Brushtail & VegetablesNew Zealand Venison & ApplesKing Salmon & PotatoesPerfect Summer BrushtailNew Zealand Forest DelicaciesWild Kangaroo & Apples and Zen Vegetarian. Whole meat is used with no additives, preservatives and fillers, giving your pet a meal as close to nature as possible. By feeding your pets Addiction, you play a part in saving the environment as well.

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