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Dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM in dogs is still an issue that will never go away. Especially if your dogs aren’t predisposed to having it in the first place. One thing we’re all sure of is that one way to prevent DCM in dogs is give them dog food that has taurine. Addiction Foods has done that with their dog food from the very start.

Double the taurine

A holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean-Paul Ly, is one of the founders of Addiction Pet Foods. He found there’s a correlation between DCM and taurine deficiency.  “I anticipated this problem more than 10 years ago, Dr. Ly said. 

While AAFCO does not require high amounts of taurine for dogs, no requirements for CoQ10 nor L-carnitine in dry food… [Addiction Foods] doubled [its] taurine for dogs when the focus was mainly [on] cats with taurine deficiency.” 

The low down on taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that helps in heart health, eye health, immune system, and other crucial systems to function properly. It’s basically concentrated to work on heart health. Taurine makes the heart pump blood. Lack of taurine will make the heart weaker, making it less efficient. Blood is not circulated properly all over the body. 

It is believed that some dogs are predisposed to DCM, therefore, they need taurine-supplementation in their diet. 

Dr. Ly elaborates

“I believe the low levels of taurine and the absence of CoQ10 (found in raw heart meat and is the main battery source for heart muscle cells), together with another important heart amino acid (L-Carnitine), may cause DCM in dogs exclusively on dry food.”

Dr. Ly further stated that “even if you added the above into the food, high processing temperatures will render most of them useless. Taurine itself is an antioxidant and oxidizes over time in the bag, especially when it is opened!”

To preserve taurine and other vital minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, Addiction Foods processes its dog food at about 1/2 the temperature being used by major brands. This combined with the use of the purest quality ingredients from New Zealand, the cleanest place on Earth, makes our dry dog food products perfect for your dog’s heart health!

Addiction Foods goes further for pets

Addiction Foods has enriched all of its dry and raw-dehydrated dog food recipes with taurine. We’ve been doing this for 15 years already! We even have vegetarian dog food for hypersensitive dogs, Zen Vegetarian. That’s how we really go further for pets!

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