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Does your pet having a stocking?  Stocking stuffers for pets are a great way to share the holiday spirit with your pet.  In case you are looking for last minute stocking stuffers for your pets, we thought we’d throw our Santa hat into the ring and offer you some nutritious, delectable choices.

For Cats:

Maybe your feline is on the sensitive side and prefers a gentler formula.  Our Black Forest Rabbit and Blueberries uses one protein and the goodness of sweet potatoes to tempt your picky cat.  Our simple formula means this delectable food is also easy to digest.

If your cat wants the finest ingredients made in a country known for it’s stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards, we recommend trying our New Zealand can line.  New Zealand Brushtail & Vegetables will satisfy even the most refined palate, while King Salmon and Potatoes sates cats with robust appetites and craving for fish.

For Dogs

Give your dog the gift of treats that you both can love.  You will love our Meaty Bites for their New Zealand free range meats while your dog will love the semi moist treat bursting with flavor.  A 4oz bag of these single protein source treats is a great stocking stuffer, even for the most sensitive of pooches.

Speaking of 4oz sizes, our incredible dehydrated foods also come in perfect, single serving 4oz pouches.  These mini versions of our popular foods are perfect to stick in your dog’s stocking.  With a full flavor range from Steakhouse Beef and Zucchini, Herbed Lamb and Potatoes, Country Chicken and Apricot to the more exotic Perfect Summer Brushtail and New Zealand Forest Delicacies, you’re sure to find just the right flavor for your dog.


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