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The shocking truth is that most commercial pet foods are made up of slaughterhouse offal and grains considered ‘unfit for human consumption’. This waste includes intestines, udders, esophagi and possibly diseased cancerous animal parts, which are often loaded with chemicals such as hormones, preservatives and fillers to improve their taste and appearance while offering no nutritional value. Many pets are often plague with skin and gastrointestinal conditions caused by allergies to beef, chicken, lamb, preservatives, additives which are all common ingredients in commercial pet food. Many of these ingredients have been implicated in the increase of pet cancers in recent years.

The wide variety of commercial pet food available now has left pet owners spoilt for choice. Being attractively-packaged and affordably-priced, they often lure unsuspecting pet owners into believing that their pets’ nutritional needs are met without understanding more about the actual ingredients that make up the food.

It is critical that all pet owners are aware of what constitutes an ideal, wholesome diet that is essential for their pet’s well-being. Pet food should be as close as possible to what nature intended for your pets, and it is therefore important that fresh meats, fruits and vegetables are staples in your pets’ daily diet. These provide your pets with the balanced nutrition they really need and help optimize their lifespan, without making the suffer the side-effects caused by harmful fillers and found in most commercial pet food.

Addiction Foods is a holistic pet food company. Unlike most commercial pet foods, Addiction is Made in New Zealand amidst the pristine clean lakes and abides by the strict manufacturing regulations put in place by New Zealand. Our food is an all-natural, delicious alternative to unhealthy pet chow as our food contains NO harmful fillers, and chemicals.

All natural, premium-grade ingredients in Addiction Foods have been carefully chosen for their health giving properties in order to provide your pets with the nutrition they need. Our holistic and hypoallergenic formula uses only the freshest fruits, vegetables and premium  meats. Blended with vitamins and minerals, it is the ideal balanced yet delicious meal, not just for dogs and cats who are allergic to beef, lamb or chicken but for all owners who want a refreshing an healthy diet change for their pets.

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