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Working from the comfort of your home has become the new normal. And your pets are having the time of their lives.

It’s bonding time

With many cities implementing lockdowns and community quarantines to deal with COVID-19, a lot of pet parents found themselves at home. And with various businesses being allowed to operate with a work-from-home set-up, nothing can be more delightful for your pets than having you around all the time. This is the new normal.

Period of adjustment

Your pet’s period of adjustment is just about the same as yours. As you adapt to your new work schedule, so will they. For instance, if you get up at 7 am, for sure, your canine pal will be up by that time too. And he expects you to feed him or walk him out in the safety of your backyard. Or if you are already set up to work at 8 am, your feline friend will gladly join you by sitting on your lap as you answer the day’s emails. This daily schedule of yours will surely be ingrained in them for the whole duration of the lockdown or quarantine.

A welcome distraction

Furry pets provide a welcome distraction in the workplace. But what about if you’re working from home? Here are some of the benefits[*]:

  • Increased happiness. Working from home lets you start your day calmly and that includes bonding time with your pet.
  • Reduced stress levels. It’s been documented that working from home reduces stress. It’s also been documented that owning a pet reduces stress. So if you’re a pet parent, you get to doubly reduce your stress. It’s a proven fact that playing with your pets increases our serotonin and dopamine levels.
  • Increases productivity. Working at home lets you stop fretting about your pet. So no more dumping of food into the bowl and rushing out to go to work. You get to do your work AND watch over your pet.
  • More hugs and exercise. Because your pets are already hanging out with you, you get to have short breaks. That means you have more time to stretch more, hug your pet more, and have quick breaks to play with your pets.

What to feed your pets

Now that this new normal let us spend more time with our pets, it’s good to take the time to really see if their pet food is giving them all the health benefits they need. Give them Addiction pet foods. It’s grain-free and packed with all the natural and nutritional goodness that can only come from New Zealand—the cleanest place to source and manufacture pet food. Check out our formula for cats and dogs. You can also use our Nutrition Advisor on our homepage to see what pet food is suitable for pets. Do not forget to consult your veterinarian if the condition of your canine friend gets worse or does not improve.

We have gone further to promote pet health by producing and distributing pet foods under strict safety measures. Your favorite pet food brands will still be available at your local store. Stay safe and shop responsibly. Avail of contactless online delivery with our online retail partners in New Zealand, Singapore, or the USA.

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