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Recently, pet owners from all over have started looking for new sources of proteins beyond the usual meats such as beef, chicken, turkey and lamb – going further to trying new meat proteins like Brushtail, kangaroo and salmon.

This is a movement that naturally pushes pet owners to search for new food options for their pets to address their new needs. Raw, dehydrated pet food or RDF is one of these.

RDF has been around for quite some time and offers more advantages to both pet owners and pets, compared to other forms of pet food.

Aside from the convenience of carrying it around – given that it is usually of an oatmeal consistency – RDF also boasts of high nutritional value and product safety, because of how it is prepared.

Given its compactness, outdoorsy pet owners, for example, find it easy to pack for camping and hiking, or for any outdoor activity.

Understanding RDF

Raw dehydrated pet food is literally raw proteins and vegetables mixed together.

During the production process, these are placed in an oven at 70°C (158°F) and baked for about seven hours, to both pasteurize and dehydrate the ingredients.

Since it is not cooked at a temperature higher than 70°C (158°F), most nutrients of its raw ingredients are retained in the process.

Benefits of dehydrating pet food

The dehydration process prevents spoilage and the growth of microorganisms on the pet food itself, thus also lengthening its shelf-life.

Increasing the temperature when dehydrating the raw materials would likely reduce the nutrients in the ingredients.

Since the process only involves drying the ingredients at 70°C (158°F), the heat is enough to kill harmful microorganisms in the raw materials, and yet still allows the raw ingredients to retain their nutrients.

Raw dehydrated food is also a fully-balanced meal on its own, as a treat, or as a topper in addition to kibble.

Introducing Addiction’s RDF

With Addiction Foods’ selection of Raw Dehydrated Foods, since its high in meat, they come out of the process still bursting with flavor – making these meals both nutritious and delicious for your pets.

What’s more, each RDF batch undergoes quality inspection every 30 minutes. This means that raw ingredients remain safe throughout the drying process and are tested through nutritional analysis, to meet international standards for safety, nutrition, and quality.

Whether it’s a kangaroo feast, some New Zealand brushtail or classic favorites like homestyle venison and cranberries, trust Addiction Foods’ line of RDF products to suit your pets’ cravings for holistic dry foods specially formulated using only the finest premium proteins available in the market today.

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