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While bone and joint problems affect almost all types of dogs, large breeds are more susceptible. In fact, there are several bone diseases big dogs can develop during their growth spurt which happens until the age of two. Bone and joint problems that they encounter during this stage can persist in adulthood, causing great discomfort, or worse, debilitating conditions like arthritis or permanent bone disfigurement.

Knowing about health concerns specific to your dog can help you tailor a preventive health plan. Here are some simple things that you can do to promote stronger bones for your big dogs. 

Consistency is key when it comes to exercise

Find consistency when it comes to giving exercise to your big dog. Keep in mind that before being domesticated, canines roamed in the wilderness and hunted in packs. Thus, their biology is meant for a more active lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that you should push them too much toward a strenuous activity as that is the easiest way to create bone problems. Find the right level of physical activity according to their age and health condition and then make it a regular part of their day. 

Feed just the right amount of food

It’s tempting to spoil our dogs with food. But if your dog becomes overweight, it can lead to permanent joint problems. Underfeeding them, on the other hand, also has disadvantageous effects on their skeletal strength. So make sure you feed just the right amount of food for proper sustenance. Follow the recommended feeding guide according to your dog’s size and breed. 

Choose a complete and balanced diet enhanced with Glucosamine

Like humans, dogs also need proper nutrition to help build stronger bones. This includes a healthy diet that has Glucosamine and Taurine for both bone and heart health. One such dog food that has these nutrients and more is MEGA.

MEGA is a complete and balanced diet created specifically for big dogs. Its savory medley of premium New Zealand free-range Lamb and Beef is blended with fruits, vegetables, and amino acids for maximum nutrition and health. It’s grain-free with no added growth hormones and steroids. MEGA is enriched with Glucosamine to support mobility and joint function and Taurine for your dog’s heart health.

Give your big dogs the best of care and nutrition by feeding them MEGA today. How about you? Do you have other tips you’d like to share to help keep your dog’s bones strong? Please share them with us! –

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