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Rotation feeding is a holistic thinking that gives your pet a dietary substitute from the usual. It’s about providing a variety of food proteins like chicken, beef, lamb, beef, etc., and food forms like raw, wet, dry, etc. With food rotation, your cats or dogs will get to enjoy different flavors and textures and won’t suffer food fatigue of monotonous feeding. 

1. Keeps your pets excited every meal time 

Pets get bored if they are fed the same food over and over. Some even develop allergies for eating the same thing for the longest time. With food rotation, your pets get excited about what kind of tasty adventure they will be having this time. So mix and match between novel proteins and food forms, keeping in mind the nutrient content of your pets consistent. 

2. Lets your pet get more nutrients from different sources 

With variety comes different sources of nutrients your pets can have. While a lot of pet foods on the market claim to be complete and balanced, the ingredients in it have different nutritional profiles. Quantities of nutrients like amino acids, minerals, vitamins vary per product and food type. With food rotation, you get to combine these complete and balanced diets, letting your pets enjoy the benefits of two or more foods. 

3. Reduces risk of food allergies and intolerance 

As mentioned earlier, consistently feeding your pets the same food for long periods might trigger food intolerance or allergy to common ingredients like chicken, beef, soy, etc. With food rotation, risk is reduced as these ingredients and formulations won’t be part of your pets’ diet long enough to develop intolerance or bad reaction like vomiting, diarrhea and/or hives. 

You can start your pets early, while they’re puppies or kittens, on food rotation so they get used to the practice, once they’re already eating solid foods. Older pets may take time and patience in getting them started on food rotation but it’s going to be worth your while—and theirs!  

Food rotation

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