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Last June 21, a fun holiday was observed by many pet lovers all over. It’s known as the “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. As the name suggests, you get to take your dog to work. But what benefits do you and your workplace get when there’s a dog in the office? Here are the Top 5 benefits of bringing your dog to work. Read on!

1. Reduces stress

According to a study published by International Journal of Workplace Health Management, “stress declined for the DOG group with their dogs present and increased for the NODOG and NOPET groups. This means having your dog around your workplace lowers stress levels, especially if it’s well-behaved and gives you some good love while doing your tasks. It also lessens your worrying because you didn’t leave your dog alone at home.

2. Friendly workplace

Workmates tend to become friendly when there’s a cute dog by your side. You might notice that there’s increased cooperation, a more open communication among you and your peers. Dogs bring out all things positive in us.

3. Increases productivity

While you might think that your productivity might suffer when you bring your dog with you, quite the contrary happens. Taking your dog for a short walk or giving in to your dog’s whines of needed affection will have you back to work refreshed and engaged. Also, studies[1] have shown that in areas where dogs roam, employees miss work less[2].

4. Improve job satisfaction

A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University found out that employees in a workplace (in this study, it was a manufacturing company) that allowed pets have “praised dogs for their positive impact on the workplace”[3], and resulting to a “higher job satisfaction than industry norms.”[4]

5. Attract the best employees

Employers take heed, many millennials are totally obsessed with their pets. Giving them a chance to work in a dog-friendly workplace is an incentive for them to consider your company. Not only that you’ll attract millennials as your potential employees, dog lovers too who would love to work in a dog-friendly environment will be encouraged to send in their resumes. 

A few reminders when bringing your dogs to the workplace: 

  1. Be sure that your dog is trained, well-behaved, and will behave.
  2. Keep your dog in sight, on a leash or harness.
  3. Check your dog’s vaccines and other shots.
  4. Introduce your dogs gradually. They still need to orient themselves with their surroundings and the people in the workplace.
  5. Your dog should have been groomed properly, of course.

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