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I want you to think about your favorite food for a moment.
Mine is French toast. Now imagine sitting down to a meal of your favorite food. Think about having that favorite meal at the next mealtime….and the next one and the one after that. Imagine your favorite food being the only food you eat morning, noon and night for months or even years.

Pretty soon the buttery goodness of French toast would start to turn my stomach and I wouldn’t want to ever look at syrup again. Not to mention that after a year or two of eating only French toast my body would start to develop an intolerance to toast. I might develop skin conditions, have less energy and start to skip meals. French toast might be my favorite food, but I need and want variety in my diet and so does your pet!

Animals need variety the same way humans do. Eating a range of proteins, fruits and vegetables allows your pet to experience the nutritional properties of a variety of foods. Rotating your pet’s food every few months also aids the digestive system in functioning properly and helps keep allergies at bay. Allergies are often developed due to overexposure to the allergen. Eating the same food every day for a long period of time will result in an intolerance to that food and can lead to an allergic reaction.

Animals also crave variety the same way we do. We wouldn’t want to eat the same meal for years on end and neither does your pet. Giving your pet options in their foods helps maintain a healthy appetite and interest in food.

Always rotate foods over a period of about a week to avoid digestive upset. If you have a particularly sensitive animal you may want to take even longer. Pay attention to your particular pet’s system and change foods accordingly.

Addiction produces a wide range of proteins and products to keep your pet’s diet at fresh and interesting. From kibbles to cans to dehydrated foods, we offer plenty to keep your dogs and cats coming back to the bowl for more.


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