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Venison, the “fancy” term for deer meat, is the rising star for keeping our beloved cats and dogs healthy.

As gourmet recipes have gained popularity, our feline and canine pals have tasted a vast array of pet foods. Venison has proven to have made its way into the higher echelon of their liking and preferred diet.


You may be wondering how venison differs from beef – a common protein choice for pets. One major disparity is that beef is a highly commercialize meat raised on farms, while deer, (or its related animals like elk, moose, antelope, and mule) is wild game. Of course, venison is also farm-raised in some cases, but the gamey taste has been well-preserved.

Venison is also leaner than regular beef and has a slightly more iron. This meat is also high in B vitamins, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and copper, making venison more flavorful and a healthier alternative.

Moreover, venison meat, which has more protein (26 grams) than beef (23 grams), helps strengthen the immune system of pets and promotes muscle growth and recovery, among others.

In addition, whether farmed or wild, venison is typically found to have lower levels of lead contamination, thus making venison a lowering risk protein.

Venison compared to veal (young cow) has a similar flavor as beef but is stronger, while the latter has a milder flavor.

But like I mentioned earlier, venison has been transformed into one delectable pet food that satisfies the discerning palate of our pet dogs and cats.


For dogs, venison has increasingly become popular as a source of meat in a healthier manner because as we mentioned earlier, it has less protein than beef and has lesser fat and cholesterol to boot.

As dog owners we are all familiar with their endless playful energy, leaving us wondering where it all comes from. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn a well-energized dog was a venison diet.  The B vitamins in it plus minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and zinc are the vital components that keep dogs up on their feet.

Venison is a great alternative to chicken or beef based diets, which in some cases can be the root cause of allergies. This valuable meat is a perfect choice for pets with food-related problems because it lessens allergen contents and wards off skin irritations.


As with dogs, your felines’ allergies may be contained by feeding them with venison-rich food. Moreover, venison is one of the main sources of hypo-allergenic diets and you should be glad to know, despite being a seemingly odd choice over chicken or fish, there are no common side effects which would put your kitties in danger.

In my excessive search for proper pet food that contains venison, I came to know about Addiction Foods Products with the said meat, particularly Viva La Venison dry dog food and cat food, New Zealand Venison & Apples Entrée for dogs and cats, and Meaty Bites-Venison.

If you are still unsure of venison as the prime choice, visiting Addiction Foods’ website will surely help you get better acquainted with their venison based diets.

As an owner of cats and a dog, I love to see my pets going gaga over their favorite food. I have fed them with numerous brands but the one my pets enjoyed the most is Viva La Venison made by New Zealand pet food manufacturer Addiction Foods.

One distinct feature of Viva La Venison for cats that caught my attention is the fact it is made with free-range venison from New Zealand. It also has anti-oxidant-rich vegetables, fruits and probiotics to boost cats’ digestive and immune system.  This edible delight is also low in fat and cholesterol which is great for long-term health.

Proving it is truly suited for the overall well-being and vitality of our barking and meowing pets, Viva La Venison and New Zealand Venison & Apples Entrée also meet the criteria of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the association of local, state and federal agencies that sets the strict standards for animal feeds and drug remedies.

Satisfy your dogs’ or cats’ craving by checking out the many Addiction Foods products containing venison meat.


Venison is on my pet’s most wanted food list, particularly Viva La Venison. I fed them Viva La Venison once and the next day they were pawing at our legs wanting more. I think the cats were even coming up with a plan to raid the kitchen cupboards to sneak a late night snack.

Ahh venison, you’re proving to be simply irresistible for our beloved cats and dogs. Viva!

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