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Help your pet stay strong and healthy with Conjugated Linoleic Acid!

There may be a lot of hype about Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA but what is it really? CLA is a form of omega-6 fatty acid and can be found in kangaroo and dairy products. It is abundant in the meat and bone of ruminant grazing animals – about 3 to 5 times more than animals fattened on grains. Even though it is not a ruminant animal, research has shown that kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of CLA as compared to other meats. Kangaroo meat has always been used in Australia as a form of pet food and is now gaining wider recognition in the global market.

How does CLA benefit my dog?

1. CLA supports important body functions for overall health and fitness

• Better immune system

CLA can enhance immune response from the body and provide greater overall resistance. CLA may also inhibit the growth of cell-related diseases, which involves the mutation of normal living cells. For example, the presence of CLA could slow the growth of cancer cells or help them destroy themselves.

• Reduction of inflammation

Inflammation occurs because it is the body’s way of responding to an infection or irritation. The presence of CLA in kangaroo may be able to help reduce inflammation by responding quicker to any foreign attack. A reduction in the risk of inflammation means the risk of developing allergies is also lesser – a perfect alternative for allergic dogs. Kangaroo is also less likely to cause a reaction in your pet’s body, as it is a novel protein. Dogs develop allergies to those foods that are most frequently fed. Hence feeding new protein sources would lower the chances of him/her developing any adverse reaction.

2. CLA enhances the building of lean muscles

• More lean muscles, lower fat percentage

Lean muscles are known to burn more calories than fat. Hence with CLA, your pet may stay leaner and will be more capable of burning any excess energy. A leaner body mass also means a lower fat percentage and a healthy weight, resulting in lower possibilities of contracting heart-related illness like coronary heart disease. Introducing a crowd favourite in our holistic dog food range: Wild Kangaroo & Apples (with CLA)

Addiction has created another innovative and nutritious food for your faithful companion! Introducing Wild Kangaroo & Apples – a dog food with kangaroo meat, which is highest in Conjugated Linoleic Acid. When you combine the great taste of kangaroo meat with the goodness of scrumptious apples, the result is simply irresistible!

Some benefits of kangaroo meat are:

  • Is a succulent red meat
  • A form of novel protein which is ideal for lowering the risk of developing allergies
  • Low fat content (40% of the fat in kangaroo meat consists of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) molecules)
  • An excellent source of CLA (promotes anti-inflammatory properties and enhances immunity)

Apart from kangaroo, apples are also included in this food formula. Pectin is a soluble fiber found in apples as well as other fruits. It is an excellent intestinal regulator that helps enhance the digestive process by cleansing the intestinal tract. Pectin is also great for lowering cholesterol levels.

Wild Kangaroo & Apples is certainly a great choice for all types of dogs. Packed with the low fat content of kangaroo and the natural wonders of CLA, it’s time to give your dog the best today! Click here to learn more about Wild Kangaroo & Apples. 


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