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Name at least one popular pet food that your pooches adore and chances are, kibble comes up high on the list.

Kibble, also known as dry pet food, can be ground meal formed into pellets. Made through a process called extrusion, fluid forms of processed raw materials like meats, plants and other nutritional sources, are baked into the dry treat that pets love.

It spells magic for your dogs, since they’re formulated to meet your dog’s nutritional needs while packed with a merry mix of flavor-filled meats, fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

What’s in your kibble?

Kibble is basically a mixture of proteins (meats, fish or poultry), carbohydrate vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals, and fats. During the extrusion process, these ingredients are combined then dried, and baked into bite-size kibbles.

Some premium manufacturers use game meats such as venison, a perfect protein source that’s low in fat and cholesterol; kangaroo meat, which has less fat than regular meats; brushtail possum; and king salmon. Likewise, duck can also be found in kibbles because it is compatible with your pets’ protein requirements and is a great alternative to chicken.

Since not all dogs have the same level of food preference and tolerance, it’s important that you know what goes into your kibble. Look for brands that use novel meats like free-range lamb that’s rich in Vitamin B and has lower calories, as well as vegetable proteins combined with vitamins and minerals, which are ideal for dogs allergic to meat and help to achieve a healthier skin and coat.

Other ingredients to look out for include Omega-3 fatty acids, which help control food allergies; and probiotics, which boost their digestive and immune systems.

What to Look for in Kibble

Many pet-parents have kilometric lists when choosing kibble for their pets, so we’ve narrowed it down for you here:

FLAVOR. A key consideration when choosing the right kibble is looking for one that’s extra flavorful and easier to chew, making for a palatable yet nutrient-rich treat altogether. Choosing the right bite-sized kibble is important to make your buddy’s kibble experience worth it even more.

NUTRIENT-RICHNESS. Not all kibbles are made the same. Look for the kind that offers holistic dry food options formulated with the finest premium proteins, to ensure your pets get the most out of their kibble.

SIZE & TEXTURE. Dogs can be quite sensitive to food texture when they chew, so it’s important that you observe your dog while he eats. Look out for any signs of discomfort, like choking or gagging while eating. For small-breed dogs and puppies, look for small-sized kibble; and for adult large-breed dogs, get bigger kibble to avoid clogging their throats when they eat too fast.

Getting the Right Kind of Kibble

Searching for top-quality kibble can prove to be Herculean, but as much as possible, look for brands that are enriched with premium protein meat such as venison, duck, kangaroo, and salmon, and have been formulated to suit all life stages and sizes of pets.

Choose one that offers holistic nutrition for your buddies and is proven to be hypoallergenic because it’s been produced in clean, eco-friendly environments, while adhering to nutritional levels set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Addiction Foods’ Dry Kibble offers and array of dry food products containing premium meats and vital nutrients ideal for the overall wellness of your pets.

Choosing the right dry food means choosing the best for your best buddies. Always go for nutrition that makes for better digestion, and we’re sure your pets would wag their tails for you even more.

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