Deerly Beloved: Why Cats Crave Venison

As fur parents, we are always on the lookout for the best dietary options to keep our pets happy and healthy. With cats being known for their pickiness, finding a highly palatable diet is a must. Recently, there has been a trend in exploring novel proteins and new flavors to entice our furry friends, and venison is taking center stage. 

Understanding High Palatability 

High palatability essentially means that the food is pleasing and enjoyable to the taste buds. Cats have unique taste preferences and are obligate carnivores, meaning that meat is essential for their diet. The taste, texture, and smell of the food play a critical role in whether your cat will find it palatable or turn up their nose at it. 

A Novel Protein Source 

Venison, which is deer meat, is making its mark as a novel protein source in cat food. It’s not just a fancy protein source but has some real benefits for our feline friends: 

Rich in Nutrients: 

Venison is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B, zinc, and iron. It’s also a good source of high-quality protein and has a low fat content, which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight. 

Exceptional Taste: 

The taste of venison is different from the more common proteins, which can make it more appealing to some cats. Its rich flavor and gamey taste may just be what you need to perk up a finicky eater’s appetite. 

Lean Protein Source: 

Venison is a lean protein, meaning it has less fat and calories compared to other meats. This makes it a great option for cats that need to watch their weight or are prone to obesity. Including venison in your cat’s diet can contribute to a more balanced and healthier lifestyle for your pet. 

Introducing Venison to Your Cat’s Diet 

When introducing venison, or any new food, it’s best to do so gradually. Start by mixing a small amount of venison-based cat food with their current diet, and over the course of a week, gradually increase the proportion of venison. 

It’s important to observe your cat during this transition. Look for signs of satisfaction like purring or licking the bowl clean, but also keep an eye out for any adverse reactions. Always consult a veterinarian if the new food or diet is good for your cat’s health. 

If you’re looking for a Venison meal for your cat, try Viva La Venison. 

  • Made with New Zealand free range Venison 
  • Packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables  
  • An optimal balance of essential nutrients such as Taurine 

Exploring high palatability and new flavors like venison can be a wonderful way to not only keep your cat interested in their food but also to provide them with a nutritionally rich diet. It’s about making mealtime an adventure for their taste buds while nourishing their bodies. So, why not give venison a try and see if your feline friend finds it to be the perfect plate? 

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