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Bringing your four-legged buddy everywhere is a dream come true for many pet-owners.

Fortunately, there are more pet-friendly destinations popping up everywhere nowadays, which makes for more pet-and-owner bonding time.

But what if you need to take a pit stop somewhere, and pets aren’t allowed to come with? Should you leave them inside your car alone?

Unattended Pets + Locked Car = Danger

A lot of things can happen if you leave your pets unattended inside a locked vehicle.

For one, extreme temperatures outside can adversely affect your pet’s health, and these can even lead to death, in some extreme cases.

Even if you think that the outside temperature isn’t too hot or cold, leaving your fur-buddies inside the car for extended periods of time can fluctuate their body temperature. This can cause your pet to overheat, dehydrate, suffocate, or experience hypothermia.

Leaving your pet in a parked car = illegal?

In the United States, there are about 28 states with laws that prohibit owners to leave their pets unattended inside a locked vehicle. Some of these laws even provide immunity to civilians who take action and rescue animals in distressed conditions.

Violations of such laws include situations that may endanger the animal’s life, like extreme hot or cold temperatures, lack of proper ventilation, or failure to provide the animal adequate food or drink while locked inside.

Pet Found Unattended in a Parked Car: What to Do

First and foremost, know your state’s laws about animals left unattended inside locked vehicles.

If you see such a pet, peek through the windows and check his condition. Write down the car’s model and license plate number and immediately notify any nearby security guards or establishment manager about the situation. Ask for help to look for the car owner.

In cases when the owner isn’t around or nearby, contact your local police or animal welfare office to safely get the pet out of the car.

Pro Tips if You Really, Really Need to Leave Your Pet in the Car

While it’s ideal not to leave your pet alone, if you really must go, keep your time away for a maximum of five to ten minutes.

Provide adequate ventilation and block any direct sunlight into the vehicle. Provide a warming gear if the weather is too cold, and make sure that you can see your pet from where you are.

Likewise, don’t forget to carry water and food to keep him hydrated and full. Opt for lightweight and easy-to-bring pet food like Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated Food.

In the end, being a responsible pet-parent means you are focused on your fur-buddies as much as you can. This follows that as owners, you must take the time to watch over your pets and ensure their safety on and off the road.

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