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While there is no evidence that dogs and cats can pass COVID-19 to humans, they can get infected as in the case of a Pomeranian whose owner was diagnosed as positive, and fairly recently, a German Shepherd from a Hong Kong pet owner. So just to be safe than sorry, here are three tips to boost the immune system of your dogs.

1. Keep your canine pal clean

Personal hygiene is most important at times like this. That’s why handwashing is always advised. That applies to your dog. Keep him clean at all times. “Keeping proper hygiene is the number one factor in boosting a dog’s immune system,” as one blog suggests. Dogs are exposed to dirt and bacteria all the time. But take note that not all bacteria are harmful. Some may even actually help strengthen the immune system of your dog. The trick is to keep it balanced. Have a regularly scheduled bath time for your dog. Constantly cleaning or washing your dog may leave his immune system weaker, opening him to harmful bacteria. Consult a vet just to be sure how often you need to wash him up. 

2. Give him a healthy diet

Of course, a healthy diet will make it on this list. An article in PetMD says that the stomach contains about 70 percent of the immune system. It also contains the microbiome–a collection of hundreds of species of bacteria. It is important to strike a bacterial balance in the microbiome, which is heavily influenced by the diet. The same article noted that dogs are designed to eat a “moist, meat-based diet” and further recommends a “grain-free, starch-free (if possible) diet.”

Addiction Pet Foods has a wide variety of that kind of dog food. Check out our grain-free dry and raw-dehydrated dog food recipes all enriched with taurine. We even have vegetarian dog food for hypersensitive dogs, Zen Vegetarian.

3. Exercise!

Yes, just like humans need to get active, so do dogs. More than just the usual walking-the-dog activity, dogs love to play. But with COVID-19 upon us, try some training exercises which you can do indoors or in an enclosed space like your backyard. The benefits of weight training will do your canine pal great as physical exercise burns fat, promotes blood circulation, lowers stress, and oxygenates the body, leaving your pet (and you, if you’re keeping pace with your dog) feeling good and happy. Just don’t forget to bring Meaty Bites dog treats along.

Remember, after interacting with your pets, observe proper hygiene. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Avoid kissing your pet (much as both of you would like to). Stay safe and healthy!

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