• RDF-5-Ways-Product-01-CCAD

    Country Chicken and Apricot Dinner

    An all-natural and holistic formula with added vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet that’s high in protein but low in cholesterol and fat.


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  • RDF-5-Ways-Product-02-HLP

    Herbed Lamb & Potatoes

    Made with prime free-range lamb, it’s rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and B-vitamins.

    What can be more satisfying than New Zealand Lamb flavo.

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  • Dry-Dog-4lbs-Le-Lamb-FRONT-product

    Le Lamb

    Free-range, grass-fed lamb formulation with antioxidants and probiotics. For digestive and skin & coat health.

    What makes Addiction’s Le .

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  • Dog-Treats-Meaty-Bites-beef-12oz-FRONT-product-new

    Meaty Bites – Beef

    Addiction’s Grain-Free Meaty Bites are tasty, soft and packed with a wonderfully delicious and nutritious meat with a full, rich taste!


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  • Dog-Treats-Meaty-Bites-Chicken-12oz-FRONT-product-new

    Meaty Bites – Chicken

    Addiction’s Grain-Free Meaty Bites are tasty, soft and packed with a wonderfully delicious and nutritious meat with a full, rich taste!


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  • Dry-Dog-44lbs-MEGA-FRONT-product-new-3


    Multi-protein formulation designed to meet the essential nutrients that big dogs need. For overall health and fitness.

    Mega taste, Mega nutrition, .

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  • RDF-5-Ways-Product-04-OKF

    Outback Kangaroo Feast

    This prized lean protein from Australia provides essential amino acids to support weight maintenance, muscle building, tissue repair, and metabolic proces.

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  • RDF-5-Ways-Product-06-SBZE

    Steakhouse Beef and Zucchini Entree

    New Zealand beef with the refreshing taste of zucchini enriched with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

    Reward your dog with a tantalizing .

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  • Kangaroo-4lbs-Front


    Wild kangaroo formulation with antioxidants and vitamins. With conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to help retain lean muscle mass.

    Discover Australia.

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  • Dry-Dog-20lbs-Zen-Vegetarian-FRONT-product

    Zen Vegetarian

    The complete & proven 100% plant-based nutrition for dogs. Ideal for dogs with meat allergies.

    Created by a leading holistic Veterinarian and c.

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Made from high-grade premium proteins with added vitamins and minerals, our hypoallergenic, taurine-enriched dry food range are specially formulated to meet all your dog’s nutritional requirements.


Goodness of raw but with the safety and convenience of dry, our air fried range is filled with all the best nutrients for your dog’s overall health and vitality.


Grain-free treats great for training or guilt-free snacking.


With the finest premium meats as the main ingredient, our high protein formulation is fortified with added vitamins and minerals for your cat’s optimum nutritional needs.


Explore the depth of New Zealand ocean, where the best breed of king salmon is harvested. Learn more about the sustainable, safe ocean farming practices that is helping to preserve our ocean life.


Be astounded by the clear, pristine water of New Zealand’s lakes, home to some of finest duck community. Find out more about the benefits of duck meat.


Be awed by the lush, indigenous forest, where inhabitants like deers and brushtail thrive. Learn more about why New Zealand’s venisons are rated amongst the best in the world.


New Zealand’s temperate climate has made it the ideal place for pastoral farming. Raised free-range and grass-fed, New Zealand’s lamb has been known to be amongst the most tender and succulent.