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Ever wondered why there are several types of dog food out in the market? Giving your dog different meals and protein sources can help avoid food-related allergies and taste fatigue from your dog’s usual diet. Discover these three well-known types of food you can give your dog.

Raw Dehydrated Food

RDF is a mix of raw proteins and vegetables that is pasteurized (slowly baked in a gentle heat not higher than 70°C / 158°F) to kill harmful bacteria, dehydrate the food, and retain most of its nutrients.

High in meat, Addiction Pet Food’s Raw Dehydrated Food is bursting with flavor, making each meal both nutritious and delicious for your pets.

There are five exciting ways to serve Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated Food:

1. Dry
2. Rehydrated with warm water
3. Mixed with kibble
4. Mixed with home-cooked food
5. Mixed with canned food

Addiction’s RDF is made with premium novel, free-range meats from New Zealand, infused with healthy gourmet ingredients to keep your pets coming back for more. RDF is available in eight tasty flavors, perfect for your pet’s raw cravings.

Discover the science behind Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated Food.


Kibbles or dry dog food are made of meats, plants, and other nutritional sources which are extruded and baked into the bite-sized pellets that dogs love. Here’s what’s in your dog’s favorite kibble.

Because kibbles are already baked, it is safe and convenient to be served to dogs as is. Ask your veterinarian about the proper amount of serving for your dog’s age, breed, and life stage.

Addiction offers holistic dry food options formulated with the finest proteins from New Zealand. Check out our wide range of variants here.


Treats are tasty snacks prepared in small portions which are usually given to dogs as rewards or to simply pamper them.

Dog treats are the equivalent of snacks for us humans and should only be given to dogs occasionally.

To pamper your dogs without feeling guilty of feeding him unhealthy treats, go for Addiction’s Meaty Bites. Available in four exciting meat options (Chicken, Beef, Venison, and Brushtail), Meaty Bites is a nutritious, completely grain-free line of dog treats made with premium proteins from New Zealand.

Choose among these guilt-free, healthy treats for your dog.

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