5 advanced tricks to teach your dog (Part 3 of 3)

Learning new tricks can be an enjoyable bonding experience for both you and your dog. Adding tricks to your dog’s current set of skills will not only help your best bud become more physically fit and active but will also help him practice obedience and patience. 

We’ve covered basic commands and some next-level tricks that you and your dog can show off to your family and friends. 

Now, we will share with you these 5 advanced level dog tricks that will make playtime with your dog even more fun and exciting. 

TRICK 1: Crawl 

If your dog knows the basic down / lie down command, teaching him to crawl along the ground will be easy.

First, give your dog the down command. With an irresistible treat in your hand, allow your dog to smell it while slowly moving it further, luring it to move forward while maintaining the down position.  

Do this a few times while using the command word crawl and giving him the treat in your hand. After a few more tries, try doing this using just the command word and give him the treat only after he has successfully crawled on the ground. 

TRICK 2: Leap

dog tricks leap teach

Your dog leaping over objects and obstacles is an impressive skill to watch. But before you start teaching him to leap, ask your veterinarian if jumping is safe for your dog’s joints. It’s important to consider your dog’s age and health before attempting to teach him this trick.

To start, have your dog sit and stay in his position. Place a stick in front of him and make him watch you walk over it towards the other side then call your dog. As soon as he crosses over the stick, say “leap then praise him and give him a treat. 

Practice a few more times and gradually add height between the stick and the floor. Keep practicing until your dog recognizes and follows the command word. 

Pro tip: The more delicious your treat is, the more enthusiastic your dog will be when it comes to training. Addiction Foods’ Meaty Bites Chicken Recipe is made with fresh, cage-free chicken from New Zealand. Ideal for training or just pampering your best bud, the moist and soft texture will leave your dog wanting for more!

TRICK 3: Remember object names and bring it

Your dog is a lot smarter than you think! You can teach him to learn and remember the names of things and command him to bring the said item to you. 

Start off by asking for your dog’s paw like asking him to shake your hands. Then place the object you want him to remember on your hand and ask your dog to touch it. Whenever he touches the object, say the object’s name and give him a treat. Repeat for several times until he touches the object just by saying its name. 

Next, place the object on the floor and wait for your dog to pick it up with his mouth. Each time he successfully does it, say “Bring, (object name)” and command your dog to come up to you. Repeat for several times, rewarding your dog with a treat for every successful try. 

TRICK 4: Catch 

dog tricks catch teach

It’s easy to teach your dog to catch treats as you throw them. But you will need to use a very tasty treat that your dog cannot resist, like Addiction Foods’ Meaty Bites Venison Recipe. 

Ask your dog to be in a sitting position. From a short distance, throw the tasty treat to him. If your dog didn’t catch the treat, immediately take it and try again. By doing this repeatedly, your dog will eventually understand that he won’t be able to eat the treat unless he catches it midair. 

If your dog successfully catches the treat, say the command word catch, praise your dog, and give him another treat. You may also try to increase the distance between you or let him catch other soft objects like a squishy ball. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to pamper and reward your dog for keeping up with his training sessions. Addiction Foods Meaty Bites Venison is made with the succulent goodness of free-range New Zealand Venison. Each bite will satisfy your dog’s natural cravings for real meat infused with aromatic herbal essences.

TRICK 5: Balance a treat on his nose

Balancing a treat on your dog’s nose is an obedience command that will help your dog practice patience. 

To start the training, calm your dog and let him sit down in front of you. The first step is to get him comfortable with having the top of his nose touched. Briefly touch the top of his nose and say, hold it. Praise him and give him a treat once you’ve done this. 

Next, use small items like an eraser. Place and leave it on top of his nose and say, hold it. After a few seconds, say okay, praise him, and reward with a treat. Gradually increase the length of time and slowly replace with food, from something less appetizing like veggies to tastier ones like his favorite treats. 

Addiction Foods Meaty Bites is a meaty, grain-free pet treat made using premium meats from New Zealand. Meaty Bites is available in four meaty options for your dogs: chicken, beef, venison, and brushtail.  

Use Addiction Foods Meaty Bites to aid in dog training, as a reward, for pampering, or simply as a tasty afternoon snack to fill up your best bud. 

Discover Addiction Foods Meaty Bites in four tasty flavors. 

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