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Though cats are less likely to develop hot spots than dogs, they are still susceptible to them.  There are many causes for hot spots, including flea allergies, seasonal allergies, food allergies or a food intolerance. Hot spots are open wounds on your cat that are made worse by licking and chewing.  These spots can develop into infections over time, so it’s important to check in with your vet.  There are lots of topical solutions available to help with hot spots, but you will want to address the underlying symptoms.

How Can Food Help?

Feeding your cat a diet that uses quality ingredients can help, even if your cat has a seasonal or flea allergy.  Allergies are caused by inflammation in the body and addressing internal inflammation with a proper diet can help reduce external allergies. which in turn can reduce or eliminate hot spots.

What Food Should I Feed My Cat?

We all know that cats are finicky creatures.  Some companies take advantage of this by spraying topical flavor enhancers on your cat’s food.  The problem with these foods is that they usually are full of fillers and other things your cat doesn’t need.  The best foods are one that use real meat (whole meat or meat meal, which is just the meat with the water removed) as the first ingredient and rely on quality ingredients to tempt your fussy feline.

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