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Human grade dog food – the term human grade might sound odd when said in the same breath as dog food. What do humans have to do with the food dogs eat?  

There’s really no reason to be confused or offended by the term. It simply means that the dog food is made with ingredients that are edible for humans.

There are, however, several pet food brands out there that loosely use the term human grade to describe their dog food. So, pet parents should be discerning especially since the Association of American Feed Control Officials has no standardized definition for the term “human grade” in the world of pet food just yet.  

They do have a definition for “edible” or fit for human consumption. According to the US Department of Agriculture, something is edible if “these foodstuffs have been processed, inspected and passed manufacturing regulations (i.e. process control regulations) that are designed to assure safety for consumption by humans.” 

Based on this definition, there are several types of food that are technically edible and safe for humans to eat even though they aren’t exactly healthy. We, humans, eat pizza, burgers, chips, french fries, and different kinds of junk and processed food – which are all edible and human grade but not something we would like to have in the food that our dogs would eat daily. 

Dogs mainly get their needed nutrients from food as humans do. So just as we keep our children and ourselves away from junk and processed food as much as possible, we should exercise the same kind of caution in the food we give our dogs.  

Picking the right dog food brand

Dogs sometimes have even more food sensitivities than their human counterparts. This is why it’s crucial to go for trusted brands that promise premium dog food with claims that they can truly back up with research.

With “obsession with nutrition” as Addiction Pet Foods’ motto, we’re committed to source only the purest and freshest ingredients and manufacture our products in New Zealand, one of the cleanest countries in the world.  

Our pet food is hypoallergenic and veterinarian-recommended for dogs with sensitivities. The proteins we use in every product are sourced from free-range, cage-free animals raised without antibiotics and hormones. And more importantly, the food is formulated with Taurine that takes care of your dog’s heart health. 

So, if you’re looking for trusted, hypoallergenic, sensitive stomach dog food with a taste that your dogs would surely like, these two variants of Addiction’s premium raw alternative foods are the answer: Homestyle Venison and Cranberry Dinner and Outback Kangaroo Feast.  

Why these two? They are made with novel proteins, venison and wild kangaroo, that can help manage skin and stomach sensitivities of dogs. Novel protein refers to animal proteins that aren’t usually present in mainstream dog food. Therefore, your dog would be less likely to be allergic to this kind of protein if they’ve been eating beef, pork, and chicken regularly. 

Apart from having novel proteins as their main ingredient, Homestyle Venison and Cranberry Dinner and Outback Kangaroo Feast are made with Coconut Oil which promotes healthy skin and coat, formulated with prebiotics from Flaxseeds which help with healthy digestion and packed with nutrient-rich superfoods including Carrots, Papayas, Cranberries, Blueberries, Mangoes, Apples, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint, and Spinach. These colorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs protect your dog from harmful free radicals and boost the immune system that fights against diseases. 

Addiction Pet Foods’ dog food is carefully prepared every step of the way, from sourcing the ingredients to air-drying the food to keep it safe from harmful bacteria while keeping its nutritional benefits intact. All for the love of your best friend.  

It’s crucial to choose the right diet for your dogs – especially if they have food allergies or sensitivities. And whatever dog food you choose to feed them would be their source of energy and nutrients for days on end so better choose the one that sincerely takes care of their health. 

Addiction Pet Foods Homestyle Venison and Cranberry Dinner and Outback Kangaroo Feast are available on Amazon. Order now! –


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