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Why it’s time to switch to a raw alternative dog food

Raw feeding for dogs has become quite the trend online. In 2018, ASMR videos on YouTube and all-raw diet videos on TikTok feature owners feeding their pets uncooked food. One user even amassed 50 million likes alone, with commenters asking help with transitioning pets to the same kind of feeding pattern. 

While this trend has gained quite some traction online, giving this kind of diet to dogs may not be as beneficial as what online influencers may claim. Here’s a short history of how this practice came to be, and why it’s important to consider safer alternatives to raw food for dogs. 

Adopting a rescue dog: what you need to know

Adopting rescue dogs isn’t like buying a dog from a pet store. Some of these animals have come from less-than-ideal circumstances, while some might have been outright abused.  If this is your first time adopting a rescue dog from a shelter, this video will help you...

Human grade dog food, explained

Human grade dog food – the term human grade might sound odd when said in the same breath as dog food. What do humans have to do with the food dogs eat?   There’s really no reason to be confused or offended by the term. It simply means that the dog food is made with...

From eating leftovers to a healthy balanced meal, this shelter dog gets a new start in a loving family

There’s nothing more serendipitous than bringing a happy soul into your home just before a worldwide lockdown. Tammer Stein, an animal advocate, adopted Pluto two weeks before the coronavirus hit.  Her family moved to Singapore in late 2019. They decided to adopt...

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