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INFOGRAPHIC: Canine DCM signs to watch out for

Canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a fatal disease that weakens the heart’s ability to pump blood to all parts of the body. In most cases, dogs with DCM won’t show symptoms until the disease has progressed into the late stages. According to the VCA Hospitals,...

Things you can do to keep your dog’s bones healthy and strong

While bone and joint problems affect almost all types of dogs, large breeds are more susceptible. In fact, there are several bone diseases big dogs can develop during their growth spurt which happens until the age of two. Bone and joint problems that they encounter...

Yes, your dogs can eat peas and here’s why

“Can my dogs eat peas?" The past few years have shown an increase in dog owners' skepticism toward grain and other plant sources like peas in pet food. And the reason for that – carbohydrates. Dogs’ primary source of sustenance is protein and fat. But that doesn’t...

Is a limited ingredient diet good for dogs? 

Choosing between the plethora of dog food products in the market can get overwhelming for pet owners—particularly if you’re a new one. After all, the food you’d eventually end up buying will hugely affect your dog’s health and overall well-being, so you need to pick...

Explore the depth of New Zealand ocean, where the best breed of king salmon is harvested. Learn more about the sustainable, safe ocean farming practices that is helping to preserve our ocean life.


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New Zealand’s temperate climate has made it the ideal place for pastoral farming. Raised free-range and grass-fed, New Zealand’s lamb has been known to be amongst the most tender and succulent.