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Hairballs in cats and dogs – Why it happens and how to prevent it

Hairballs are a problem that usually happens with cats, though dogs are also susceptible to this. In this article, we take insights from Dr. Emma Bermingham of AgResearch and try to understand what causes hairballs to form and how to prevent them.    Why...

Fava beans for pets: myths, debunked

More and more pet parents are now demanding the same high-quality diets they consume themselves for their pets. This includes using ingredients that were once only found in human diets, such as tapioca, potatoes, and chickpeas. The introduction of novel ingredients in...

What are chelated minerals in pet food?

Just like vitamins, minerals are micronutrients needed by the body to perform properly. Pets use minerals for many different jobs, including growth, muscle development, and heart function. This makes minerals an essential component in your pet's diet.   There are two...

Should you include Coconut oil in your pet’s diet?

Coconut oil started surging in popularity in 2011, being tagged as a "health food" for its countless health benefits and uses. Its proliferation in natural skincare products and health food aisles became so apparent that pet parents had to ask – is it something my...

Explore the depth of New Zealand ocean, where the best breed of king salmon is harvested. Learn more about the sustainable, safe ocean farming practices that is helping to preserve our ocean life.


Be astounded by the clear, pristine water of New Zealand’s lakes, home to some of finest duck community. Find out more about the benefits of duck meat.


Be awed by the lush, indigenous forest, where inhabitants like deers and brushtail thrive. Learn more about why New Zealand’s venisons are rated amongst the best in the world.


New Zealand’s temperate climate has made it the ideal place for pastoral farming. Raised free-range and grass-fed, New Zealand’s lamb has been known to be amongst the most tender and succulent.