Dog Days of Summer: Fun Activities for You and Fido

Summer is upon us. The Dog Days of Summer to be exact. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the 40-day period that coincides with the dawn rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, traditionally begins on June 3 and ends on August 11. This period is also known to be the hottest days of the year where we find many dogs lazing around because of the heat. So what are we to do with our furry friends? Below is list of fun activities that you and your mutt can do to weather the heat of summer. 

1. Take your dog for a swim 

Many dogs love swimming. They’re a natural in the water. In fact, there’s a swimming style named after them. Or if they can’t really swim, you can take him to swimming lessons when they’re between 6 and 16 weeks old. 

2. Play in the pool 

Makeshift pools for kids are an ideal spot for you and your fur babies to play and splash around. Dogs love water and both of you will surely have fun! 

3. Hit the beach 

If you happen to live near one, take your dog to the beach and play around with a beach ball. Jog by the shore, play catch… just make sure the beach is dog-friendly. 

4. Camping

Nothing beats the heat when you go camping. With nature all around, your dog’s curiosity will definitely be on an all-time high. Check out some state and national parks that can accommodate dogs in both tents and cabin settings. 

5. Have your pooch join PupScouts 

Yeah, we heard of boy scouts and girl scouts… but pup scouts? Check it out and see if it’s for you and your dog. For sure, both of you will have a good time should you decide that it is. 

Dog days of summer need not be an idle time for you and your pup. Just make sure he’s vaccinated and you’re both on your way to enjoy the best summer ever. Especially when you give your furballs Addiction Pet Foods for dogs. 

Buy Addiction Foods’ Dry Pet Foods in a store near you. 

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