Is Your Dog Sick? Know the Signs

As a pet parent, you basically give the attention your canine pet needs. Sometimes, even more. So when he or she gets sick, it’s really a cause for alarm. But while some pet parents try to apply first aid or home remedies that they’ve learned from experience (which is not advisable), it’s always best to bring your pet to a veterinarian. Here’s an infographic on how to know if your dog is sick. 

1. Diarrhea

We get alarmed when we see that our dogs have loose bowel movements frequently. More often than not, it’s a sign that your pet has ingested something that may have not agreed with his system. But if it smells foul or of blood, and it’s blackish red in color, you better rush him off to a veterinarian. There might be internal bleeding already. 

2. Vomiting

There are many causes why dogs vomit. They might have ingested spoiled food, toxic plants or grass, eating too fast. It may also indicate bloat or some inflammatory bowel disease. Vomiting may be a secondary reaction to a physiologic problem such as kidney, liver, or pancreatic disease.* 

3. Loss of appetite

This might just be food fatigue for having to eat the same dog food again and again. If you serve your pet something new and he immediately eats it, you’re okay. But if he still doesn’t eat it, he might just be suffering from something a vet needs to look into. 

4. Urinating more or less frequently

Frequent urination (urinating more often than the usual) might indicate a bladder problem, kidney or liver disease or even diabetes. If your dog urinates less frequently, he might be suffering from oliguria or anuria. These are medical emergency cases that need the attention of a professional. Bring your pet to the vet.

5. Coughing

It’s normal to cough, even for dogs. But when the cough is incessant, that’s the time you have to be wary. Your dog might be suffering from upper respiratory tract infection or worse. He might have heartworm or some parasite, or worse, heart disease. Better consult a vet if the cough is non-stop.

6. Hair loss

Dogs losing hair during summer is normal. But if massive hair loss happens, your dog might be suffering from skin allergies or mange, even skin cancer.  

7. Frequent scratching

Related to No. 6, frequent scratching may be a reaction to something your dog has ingested. It might also be skin infections, external parasites (ticks), and other skin diseases. 

8. Stiffness when rising

Dogs suffering from stiffness might be having joint problems. If your dog is experiencing pain, you should consult a vet. 

9. Change in activity level

When a fun dog suddenly has no energy to do the usual fun things he loves, he might be suffering from flu. Keep him under observation though as other signs of being sick might manifest. 

10. Sleeping more than normal

It’s normal to sleep more when one is sick. The same goes for dogs. Sleep is one way to repair the body. That being said, sleeping more than normal means there might be some cause for concern. If you want to be sure your pet is not suffering from hyperthyroidism, diabetes, anxiety, and other diseases, have him checked by a vet. A blood work and other tests may be needed to determine if your dog is sick or not.

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