New Zealand’s Rodney the Cat launches second book 

Rodney the cat is arguably New Zealand’s most famous feline. He unwillingly rose to fame in 2020 after being dumped more than 10 kilometers away from his home in Marton. Rodney was left to fend for himself for more than a month until a rescue group found him. He was eventually adopted by Raye and Shane McDonnell, a couple based in Whanganui. 

The second book, titled ‘Rodney the Cat Beyond Lost & Found’, is the sequel to ‘Rodney the Cat World Famous in New Zealand’. Both are written by Linda Deane, writer and publisher. 

The first book talks about Rodney’s journey of finding his way home and the ongoing efforts of his parents to continue helping lost and dumped felines; the second book shares a glimpse of Rodney’s life after being rescued. It also introduces his cat friends and other animals who had a rough life start.   

“So many of his frens wrote telling us how much they enjoyed his first book. They were clamouring for a second sort of update on how he was faring now that he is comfortably settled into his new life and his furever home. This one isn’t as comprehensive or intense as the first one but more of an update,” said Linda.   

Gina the cat

Gina, one of Rodney’s friends that was introduced in the book. All photos courtesy of Linda Deane

Rodney as Addiction Pet Foods’ brand ambassador

Addiction Pet Foods came across Rodney when he won the Whanganui Pet of the Year last July. Seeing Raye and Shane’s dedication to helping rescues, Addiction Pet Foods partnered with Rodney to reach more people struggling with abandoned and lost animals.

The partnership is included in Rodney’s second book.

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‘Rodney the Cat Beyond Lost & Found’ is now available for purchase. Copies can be ordered directly from Raye by email ( International readers can email to order a copy. –  


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